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    The decisions of the FSM Supreme Court and selected decisions of the state courts of Chuuk, Kosrae, Pohnpei, and Yap are published in the 22 volumes of the FSM Supreme Court Reports. From this page you can access the decisions of the first 10 volumes. To access volumes 11 to 20 click here and volume 21 to 22 click here.

    The FSM Supreme Court Reports citation format for FSM Supreme Court decisions is as follows: Name of the case (underlined), _______ FSM Intrm. _______ (State or Appellate Division; Year). Examples are as follows: Trial Division - FSM v. Boaz (I), 1 FSM Intrm. 22, (Pon. 1981); Appellate Division - Alaphanso v. FSM, 1 FSM Intrm. 209, (App. 1982). Selected state court decisions are also included. Their citations are distinguished by the designation "S. Ct." after the name of the state and either "App." or "Tr." to designate the appellate or trial division of the state court, respectively.

    The opinions set forth on the Legal Information System (LIS) track the exact page numbering citation format of the cases as they appear in the FSM Supreme Court Interim Reporters, volumes 1 to 16. These page number designations can be used for reference and citation purposes.

    Any discrepancies in the content of these opinions should be resolved in favor of the official hard copy printed version of the FSM Supreme Court Interim Reporter, as published by the FSM Supreme Court. Certain word processing characters such as dashes and quotation marks may not have translated cleanly into "html" format and may appear as underline marks and periods, respectively. Also certain formats such as indents, tabs, and block quotes may not have translated from the word processing document into the "html" format. Please see the Disclaimer page of this web site for more information.

    A Digest to FSM Supreme Court Reports is available in Adobe Acrobat "pdf" format. Go to the Digest of Decisions page to access the downloads of the Digest. An Updator to "shepardize" FSM Supreme Court opinions is also available in Acrobat "pdf" format. The updator designates decisions that are overruled or reversed, as well as provides other information on a decision. A Table of Cases listing all cases in the FSM Supreme Court Interim Reporters are also available in Acrobat "pdf". Simply click on the aforementioned links to access these documents in "pdf" format.

    A listing of the FSM Supreme Court Reports volumes and the cases included within them follows. Simply click on a volume of the reporter series and then click on a case to go the first page of the opinion on that case. If you would like to view cases by topic, click on the Digest of Decisions.

    List of Volumes