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         The State of Kosrae is one of the four states that make up the Federated States of Micronesia, along with the states of Chuuk, Pohnpei, and Yap.  Kosrae is the eastern-most island in the FSM, located approximately 600 kilometers southeast of Pohnpei.
         Kosrae is a 109 square kilometer island surrounded by a reef. Kosrae is circular in shape, measuring only 16 kilometers across at its widest point, and it is the only state without an outer island.
         Kosrae's main natural resources are the abundant marine resources surrounding the island and the beautiful lush green island which has significant agricultural potential. The island is mountainous with a dense jungle, with white coral sand beaches around the rim.  Kosrae is known for its citrus fruit which includes delicious oranges, tangerines, and limes.
         Legend has it that Kosrae was shaped by the gods from the transformed figure of a sleeping lady.  Indeed, the skyline from many parts of Kosrae reveal the silhouette of a female body.
         Kosrae State has its own constitutional government with three co-equal branches of government consisting of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.
         The Executive Branch is headed by a Governor and Lt. Governor who appoint their own cabinet members and are primarily responsible for executing the laws and administering state government services.  See, Art. V of the Kosrae Constitution.
         The legislative or law making power of the state is vested in the Kosrae Legislature whose jurisdiction extends to all rightful subjects of legislation not inconsistent with its constitution.  The Legislature is composed of 14 Senators who are elected by the voters of the electoral districts of Lelu, Malem, Tafunsak, and Utwe. See, Art. IV of the Kosrae Constitution.
         The judicial power of the State is vested in the Kosrae State Court and such inferior courts as may be created by law.  The judiciary interprets the constitution and laws of the state.  The decisions of the Kosrae State Court are appealable to the Appellate Division of the FSM Supreme Court as stated in Art. VI, Sect. 6, of the Kosrae Constitution.  See, Art. VI of the Kosrae Constitution.

         The state leaders and some key staff are as follows:
    Executive Branch
    Governor: Hon. Carson K. Sigrah
    Lt. Governor: Hon. Hon. Arthy G. Nena
    Attorney General: Mr. Aliksa B. Aliksa
    Chief of Police: Mr.Rinson Phillip
    Director, Admin. & Finance: Hon. Rensley A. Sigrah
    Director, Resources & Economic Dev.: Hon. Gerson A. Jackson
    Director, Education: Hon. Tulensru E. Waguk
    Director, Health Services: [Vacant]
    Director, Public Works: Hon. Hairom E. Livaie

    Legislature Branch
    Speaker: Hon. Tulensa W. Palik
    Vice Speaker: Hon. Rolner L. Joe
    Floor Leader: Hon. Jarinson M. Charley
    Members: Hon. Andy J. Andrew
    Hon. Yamado A. Melander
    Hon. Salpasr Tilfas
    Hon. Rinehart B.William
    Hon. Alik Isaac
    Hon. Carlton M. Timothy
    Hon. Sasaki L. George
    Hon. Harry H. Jackson
    Hon. Nena O. Ned
    Hon. Alokoa J. Sigrah
    Hon. Daniel B. Palik
    Legislative Counsel: [Vacant]
    Asst. Legislative Counsel: [Vacant]
    Chief Clerk: Ms. Martha B. Talley
    Administrative/Fiscal Officer: Mr. Semeon J. Phillip
    Journal Clerk: Ms. Kenye M. Nena

    Judiciary Branch
    Chief Justice: Hon. Chang B. William
    Associate Justice: Hon. Edmund Salik
    Court Staff Attorney: Mr. Jonathan Landis
    Chief Clerk of Courts: Ms. Shrue C. Lonno
    Administrative Officer: Mr. Marston Luckymis
    Land Court, Principal Judge: Hon. Robinson Timothy
    Land Court, Assoc. Judge: [Vacant]
    Land Court, Principal Clerk: Ms. Adyna E. Waguk

    Other Agencies/Organizations
    Public Defender: Mr. Mysud Wesley
    MLSC, Dir. Attorney: Canney L. Palsis, Esq.
    MLSC, Staff Attorneys: Mr. Arnold B. Benjamin

    Municipal Mayors
    Lelu: Hon. Presley Abraham
    Tafunsak: Hon. Jackson Albert
    Malem: Hon. Ruben Charley
    Utwe: Hon. Canston Segal