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         The State of Pohnpei is one of the four states that make up the Federated States of Micronesia, along with the states of Chuuk, Kosrae, and Yap.  Pohnpei lies just east of Kosrae, which is the eastern-most island in the FSM.
         Pohnpei island is the biggest island in the FSM and is circular in shape.  Pohnpei has lush tropical forests, and beautiful waterfalls and rivers.  It's famous landmarks are Sokehs Rock and the ancient ruins of Nan Madol.  It has abundant marine resources especially in its outlying atolls.
         Pohnpei State has its own constitutional government with three co-equal branches of government consisting of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches.  The Pohnpei Constitution also upholds, respects, and protects the customs and traditions of the traditional kingdoms of Pohnpei.  See, Art. 5 of the Pohnpei Constitution.
         The Executive Branch is headed by a Governor and Lt. Governor who appoint their own cabinet members and are primarily responsible for executing the laws and administering state government services.  See, Art. 9 of the Pohnpei Constitution.
         The legislative or law making power of the state is vested in the Pohnpei Legislature whose primary responsibility is to make the law and create state government  programs.  The Legislature is composed of 23 Senators who are elected by the voters of the electoral districts of Kapingamarangi, Mwokil, Ngetik, Nukuoro, Pingelap, Kolonia Town, Net, Uh, Kitti, Madolenihmw, Sokehs. See, Art. 8 of the Pohnpei Constitution.
         The judicial power of the State is vested in the Pohnpei State Court and such inferior courts as may be created by law.  The judiciary interprets the constitution and laws of the state.  See, Art. 10 of the Pohnpei Constitution.

         The state government leaders and some key staff are as follows:
    Executive Branch
    Governor: Hon. Reed P. Oliver
    Lt. Governor: Hon. Feliciano Perman
    Special Assistant/Chief of Staff: Mr. Kapilly Capelle
    Public Affairs Officer: Peteriko Hairens
    Budged Officer: Mr. Leon Panuelo Jr.
    Acting Attorney General: Monaliza Abello-Pangelinan, Esq.
    Assistant Attorney Generals: Mr. Judah C. Johnny
    Ms. Varanisese Demo K. Bulabalacu
    Tyson Elias, Esq.
    Director, Education: Hon. Stanley Etse
    Director of Fisheries & Aquaculture: Hon. Albert Augustine
    Acting Director of Health & Social Services: Lt. Governor Felciano Perman
    Director of Land & Natural Resources: Hon. Peter Lohn
    Director of Public Safety: Hon. Patrick Carl
    Chief of Police: Mr. Kehper Joel
    Director of Treasury & Administration: Hon. Christina Elinei
    Director of Resources & Development: Hon. Hubert Yamada
    Director of State Election Commission Hon. Heinrick Stevenson
    Administrator, Office of Transportation and Infrastructure Iso Nahnken of Madolenihmw Hon. John Adolph
    Acting Program Manager, Pohnpei Management Office Mr. Daniel Isaac
    Administrator, Office of Fisheries & Aquaculture (OFA) Hon. Dahker Abraham
    Chairman, COVID-19 Task Force Mr. Winsner David

    Legislature Branch
    Speaker: Hon. Ausen T. Lambert
    Vice Speaker: Hon. Stevick A. Edwin
    Floor Leader: Hon. McGarry Miquel
    Chairman of Committe on Resources & Development: Hon. Marvin T. Yamaguchi
    Vice Chairman of Committee on Resources & Development: Hon. Hudson Abraham
    Chairman of Committee on Health & Social Services: Hon. Shelten G. Neth
    Vice Chairman of Committee on Health & Social Services: Hon. Helgena J. Johnson
    Chairman of Committee on Judiciary & Government Operation: Hon. Jack S. Harris
    Vice Chairman of Committee on Judiciar & Government Operation: Hon. Dahker D. Daniel
    Chairperson of Committee on PWT&C: Hon. Herolyn S. Movick
    Vice Chairman of Committee on PWT&C Hon. Kikuo Apis Jr.
    Chairperson of Committee on E&CA: Hon. Sendilina Lekka
    Vice Chairman of Committee on E&CA: Hon. Sonster A. Edgar
    Chairman of Committee on Land: Hon. Adelino Edmund
    Vice Chairman of Committee on Land: Hon. Nelbert Perez
    Chairman of Committee on Finance: Hon. Salter Loyola
    Vice Chairman of Committee on Finance: Hon. Stevenson A. Joseph
    Members: Hon. Aisek Artui
    Hon. Mitaro Simina
    Hon. Jayson Walter
    Hon. Kacinda Ludwig
    Hon. Francisco Ioanis
    Hon. Ricky Carl
    Legislative Clerk: Mr. Charles Johnson
    Legislative Counsel: Thomas Beckmann, Esq.

    Judiciary Branch
    Chief Justice: Hon. Nelson A. Joseph
    Associate Justices: Hon. Nickontro W. Johnny
    Hon. Mayceleen JD Anson
    Hon. Erwine Hadley Nanpei
    Hon. Robert P. Nakasone
    Court Administrator: Mr. Gustine Harris
    Staff Attorneys: [VACANT]
    Chief Clerk of Courts: Mr. Johnny Peter
    Court of Land Tenure
    Principal Judge: Hon. Gusto Ligohr
    Associate Judges: Hon. Oliver Johnny
    Hon. Jackson Smith
    Administrative Officer: Mr. Benjamin Ekiek

    Other Agencies/Organizations
    Acting Public Devender: Timoci Romanu, Esq.
    MLSC, Directing Attorney: Danally Daniel, Esq.
    MLSC, Trial Counselors: Vincent Kollop, Esq.
    Belsipa M. Isom, Esq.
    Benedict Robert, Esq.
    Public Auditor: Hon. Ihlen Joseph
    Director of EPA: Hon. Henry Susaia
    Director PTA: Hon. Wilson Panuel
    General Manager PPA: Mr. Pius Roby
    CEO/General Manager PUC: Mr. Nixon Anson
    Commissioner Pohnpei Public Broadcasting Corp.: Mr. Peterson Sam