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    ARTICLE 1.   Territory and Jurisdiction

    ARTICLE 2.   Supremacy

    ARTICLE 3.   Citizenship

    ARTICLE 4.   Fundamental Rights

    ARTICLE 5.   Tradition

    ARTICLE 6.   Suffrage and Elections

    ARTICLE 7.   Responsibilities of the Government of

    ARTICLE 8.   Legislative

    ARTICLE 9.   Executive

    ARTICLE 10.   Judiciary

    ARTICLE 11.   Public Finance

    ARTICLE 12.   Land

    ARTICLE 13.   General Provisions

    ARTICLE 14.   Local Governments

    ARTICLE 15.   Amendment

    If you would like to view or print out the entire Pohnpei Constitution in one document without annotations, click the following link.
    Entire Pohnpei Constitution (no annotations)
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