Territory and Jurisdiction

     Section 1.  Territory.
     The territory of Pohnpei comprises the islands and reefs of Pohnpei, a marine space of two hundred nautical miles measured outward from appropriate baselines, the sea bed, subsoil, water column, insular and continental shelves, and any other territory and water belonging to any island of Pohnpei by historical right, custom, or legal title.

     Section 2.  Jurisdiction.
     Unless limited by obligations assumed by Pohnpei, or by its unilateral act, the waters connecting the islands and reefs of Pohnpei are internal waters, regardless of dimension, and the jurisdiction of Pohnpei extends to the entire territory of Pohnpei including its marine space, the seabed, subsoil, water column, insular and continental shelves, and the airspace over lands and waters.

     Section 3.  New Territory.
     New territory may be added to Pohnpei in accordance with statute, which may provide for the local government therefor if appropriate.  Such statute shall require approval by the voters of Pohnpei in a referendum in which approval is given by the majority of the registered voters of Pohnpei, or such greater number of votes as may be specified in the statute proposing such addition.