WE, THE PEOPLE OF POHNPEI, in whom Almighty God has bestowed sovereignty over this sea, the air, space, and the islands within, do now by His grace establish this Constitution.

     Through the exercise of our sovereign right of self-determination, we accept without hesitation the challenge and responsibility to serve as the guardians of our people and islands, both now and in the future; to protect and uphold the inalienable rights of our people; to protect and maintain the heritage and traditions of each of our islands; and to protect and promote the harmony and prosperity of all the people of Pohnpei.

     We acknowledge the strength that comes from the union of our individual cultural past; we are united by a common sea; and we freely express our desire to live and work together in peace and harmony for the common good of the people of Pohnpei and all mankind.

     With this Constitution, we proclaim and reaffirm the Sovereignty of Pohnpei.