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          CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT BULLETIN:  Eleven constitutional amendments were adopted by Yap State voters on November 7, 2006 and certified by the Yap State Election Commissioner on November 24, 2006.  These proposals came from the 2004 Yap Constitutional Convention.  The constitutional amendments are to the following sections:

          (1)  article VII, section 2,  concerning the judiciary (Proposal No. 2004-38, D1);

          (2)  article V, sections 16 and 17, concerning the approval process of a bill passed by the legislature (Proposal No. 2004-53, D2);

          (3)  article XIII, sections 1 and 5, concerning conservation and development of resources (Proposal No. 2004-39, D1);

          (4)  article XII, new section 3 added to provide for the establishment of education minimum standards (Proposal No. 2004-47, D3);

          (5)  article XIV, section 1, concerning the State Capital (Proposal No. 2004-76, D2);

          (6)  article IX, new section 9 added concerning conducting regular public oversight hearings of state agencies and revenues (Proposal No. 2004-51, D2);

          (7)  article XIV, new section 10 added to provide that special needs persons shall be accommodated in the manner provided by law (Proposal No. 2004-21, D2);

          (8)  article XV, sections 3 and 4 to eliminate references to the government of the Trust Territory (Proposal No. 2004-18, D2);

          (9)  article XIII, section 2, concerning conservation and development of resources (Proposal No. 2004-14, D1);

          (10)  article XV, section 1, concerning the codification of traditional laws (Proposal No. 2004-40, D2); and

          (11)  article III, new section 1 added and renumbering sections 1 and 2 as sections 2 and 3, concerning traditional leaders and traditions (Proposal No. 2004-65, D2).


    ARTICLE I.   Supremacy

    ARTICLE II.   Fundamental Rights

    ARTICLE III.   Traditional Leaders and Traditions

    ARTICLE IV.   Suffrage and Elections

    ARTICLE V.   The Legislature

    ARTICLE VI.   The Executive

    ARTICLE VII.   The Judiciary

    ARTICLE VIII.   Local Government

    ARTICLE IX.   Taxation and Finance

    ARTICLE X.   Amendment

    ARTICLE XI.   Legislature Election Districts

    ARTICLE XII.   Health and Education

    ARTICLE XIII.   Conservation and Development of

    ARTICLE XIV.   General Provisions

    ARTICLE XV.   Transition


    If you would like to view or print out the entire Yap State Constitution in one document without annotations, click the following link.
    Entire Yap State Constitution (no annotations)