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         The following selected regulations of the State of Yap were provided to the LIS Project by the Office of the Attorney General, State of Yap.  These reflect only a small portion of the entire body of regulations of the State of Yap.
         Any discrepancies in these regulations should be resolved in favor of the regulations as officially distributed by the agency or governmental entity of the State of Yap from which the regulations originated.
         Regulations are often promulgated, and subject to change or amendment at any time, utilizing the procedures set forth in the administrative procedures laws of the respective jurisdiction.  Therefore, users of these regulations are advised to  check with the originating agency or governmental entity for any changes or amendments to the regulations prior to utilizing them.
         Certain word processing characters and certain formats such as indents, tabs, and block quotes may not have translated cleanly into "html" format.  The LIS Project may have also undertaken some minor format editing to improve the readability of these regulations on this web site.  Therefore, the appearance of these regulations may differ slightly from the regulations as distributed by the respective agency or governmental entity.  Please see the Disclaimer page of this web site for more information.
         For more general information on the regulations of the State of Yap, please contact the Office of the Attorney General, State of Yap.
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