Article IV

     Section 1.  A citizen of the Federated States of Micronesia who has attained the age of eighteen years and is registered to vote in the State shall be qualified to vote in state elections.

     Section 2.  The Legislature shall prescribe a minimum period of residence and the method of voting at elections, and shall provide for voter registration, disqualification for conviction of crimes, and disqualification for mental incompetence or insanity.  Secrecy of voting shall be preserved.

     Section 3.  General elections shall be held on the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November in an even numbered year every four years; PROVIDED, in the event of a natural disaster or other Acts of God, the effect of which precludes holding the election of the foregoing date, the Governor may proclaim a later election to be held within sixty days.  Special elections may be held in accordance with law.

     Section 4.  Contested elections shall be determined by the State Court in such manner as may be prescribed by law.

     Section 5.  A plurality of votes given at an election by the people shall constitute a choice, where not otherwise provided by this Constitution.

     Section 6.  A new election shall be ordered by the Chief Justice of the State Court if two or more candidates have the highest and equal number of votes, except in cases specially provided for by this Constitution.  The election shall be limited to the candidates receiving the equal and highest number of votes.