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         The following selected court rules are the basic procedural rules for the Yap State Court.
         Any discrepancies or differences in the text of these rules should be resolved in favor of the rules as officially distributed by the Yap State Court.
        Court rules are often subject to change or amendment by general court order.  Therefore, users of these court rules are advised to check with the Yap State Court for any changes or amendments to these rules prior to utilizing them.
         Certain word processing characters and certain formats such as indents, tabs, and block quotes may not have translated cleanly into "html" format.  The LIS Project may have also undertaken some minor format editing to improve the readability of these rules on this website.  Therefore, the appearance of these rules may differ slightly from the hard copy rules as distributed by the Yap State Court.  Please see the Disclaimer page of this web site for more information.
         For more information on these or other court rules for the State of Yap, please contact the Yap State Court.

        The Yap State Court has recently completed a compilation of its court rules which is a comprehensive collection of Yap State Court Rules, the first since 1982.  These Rules govern the proceedings in Yap State Court.  Click here for the complete:

                                  Rules of Court 2014 in acrobat pdf format.

         The following are selected general court orders of the Yap State Court.  Those designated with "pdf" are in Acrobat "pdf" format.  Those without any designation are in "html" format.