Chapter 2:  Congressional Sessions

201.     Sessions in 1980 and thereafter.
202.     Length of sessions.

201.  Sessions in 1980 and thereafter.
     During the calendar year 1980 and thereafter, the Congress shall meet in two regular sessions commencing on the eleventh day of May and the second Monday in October, unless the Presiding Officer shall set a different date or dates.

Source:  PL IC-30 2(1); PL 1-5 1; PL 1-49 1; PL 5-47 1; PL 5-98 3.

202.  Length of sessions.
     The sessions required by section 201 of this chapter shall last for thirty calendar days, unless shortened or extended by a resolution adopted by a majority vote of all Members of the Congress.

Source:  PL IC-30 2(2); PL 1-5 1; PL 1-49 1.

Cross-reference:  FSM Const., art. IX, 16.
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