YSC, Title 25.  Motor Vehicles & Highways
Chapter 8:  Bicycle Registration

801.   Bicycles; requirement of registration.
802.   Transfer of registration.
803.   Registration fee.

     801.  Bicycles; requirement of registration.
     Except as hereinafter provided, it shall be unlawful for any person to own a bicycle in the State without a certificate of registration and assignment of registration number issued by the Chief of Police, and without the assigned registration number painted or permanently attached thereto in such manner as to be clearly distinguishable.  Nothing herein shall be construed to require a licensed wholesale or retail dealer or importer to register bicycles imported or purchased for sale.  Such registration shall remain in effect through December 31 of the year issued.

Source:  YDC 6500, modified.

Commission Comment:  The word "or" is added to the second to the last sentence between the words "imported" and "purchased" as it is missing in the text of YDC 6500.

     802.  Transfer of registration.
     Upon transfer of ownership of a bicycle after registration, the owner shall report the transfer to the Chief of Police, who upon receiving such notification, will cancel the previous owner's registration and cause the bicycle to be reregistered in the name of the new owner.  Reregistration shall be issued at no cost.

Source:  YDC 6501, modified.

     803.  Registration fee.
     A fee of fifty cents ($0.50) shall be charged for each bicycle registration pursuant to section 801 of this chapter, issued prior to July 1 of the calendar year.  All money collected from the registration of bicycles shall be deposited in the State Treasury.

Source:  YDC 6502, modified.