YSC, Title 25.  Motor Vehicles & Highways
Chapter 2:  Registration of Vehicles

201.   Application for registration.
202.   Registration and license records.
203.   Transfer of registration.
204.   Registration fees.
205.   Registration cards.
206.   Display of plates.
207.   Expiration and renewal of registration.
208.    Failure to display plate or possess registration card; lending plate or
             card; fraud in application.

     201.  Application for registration.
     Every owner of a motor vehicle operated on any highway of the State shall, before the same is so operated, apply to the Chief of Police for registration and obtain registration of the motor vehicle.  Application for registration of a vehicle shall be made on the prescribed form and shall be signed by the owner and contain his residence address and a brief description of the vehicle to be registered, including the name of the maker, the engine and serial number, and whether the vehicle is new or used.  The owner of any foreign vehicle shall exhibit such evidence as will satisfy the Chief of Police that the applicant is the lawful owner of the vehicle.

Source:  YSL 1-93 4, as amended by YSL 1-112 1, modified.

     202.  Registration and license records.

     (a)  The Chief of Police shall file each application received, and shall register the vehicle therein described and the owner thereof on index cards as follows:

     (1)  Numerically, under a distinctive registration number assigned to the vehicle and the owner thereof; and

     (2)  Alphabetically, under the name of the owner.

     (b)  All registration and license records in the office of the Chief of Police shall be public records and shall be open for inspection by the public during business hours.

Source:  YSL 1-93 5.

     203.  Transfer of registration.
     An owner upon transferring a vehicle shall endorse the name and address of the transferee and the date of transfer upon the reverse side of the registration card issued for such vehicle and shall immediately forward such card to the chief. The transferee, before operating or permitting the operation of such vehicle upon a highway, shall apply for the transfer of the registration thereof.  The fee for a transfer of registration shall be $3.00.

Source:  YSL 1-93 6, as amended by YSL 1-112 2, modified.

     204.  Registration fees.

     (a)  There shall be paid to the Chief of Police for the registration of motor vehicles the following fees:

     (1)  Motorcycle, $5.00;

     (2)  Jeep, sedan, and other vehicles not specified in paragraph (3) of this subsection, $10.00;

     (3)  Pickups, trucks, buses, and others not specified in the foregoing subsections according to weight in pounds at the time of original sale in the State:

     (A)  Under 2,000 pounds or fraction thereof, $15.00;

     (B)  From 2,000 to 2,999 pounds or fraction thereof, $20.00;

     (C)  From 3,000 to 5,999 pounds or fraction thereof, $30.00;

     (D)  From 6,000 to 7,499 pounds or fraction thereof, $40.00;

     (E)  From 7,500 pounds and over, $50.00.

     (b)  All such fees shall be collected by the chief or his duly authorized representative and shall be deposited in the General Fund of the State of Yap.

     (c)  All state government agencies shall be exempt from the provisions of this section.

Source:  YSL 1-93 7, modified.

Commission Comment:  The "General Fund of the Legislature" is changed to the "General Fund of the State of Yap" pursuant to section 1211 of Title 13 (Taxation and Finance) of this Code.  Section 1211 of Title 13 establishes the General Fund of the State of Yap as the successor fund to, and replacement for, the General Fund of the Legislature.

     205.  Registration cards.
     The Chief of Police shall issue to the owner a registration card which shall contain upon the face thereof the date issued, the registration number, the name and address of the owner, and a description of the registered vehicle, including the engine number.  The registration card shall at all times, while the vehicle is being operated upon a highway, be carried in the vehicle.  Any change in the description of a registered vehicle or engine number thereof shall be reported to the chief by the owner of the vehicle upon such change taking place.

Source:  YSL 1-93 8, modified.

     206.  Display of plates.
     Every owner whose vehicle shall be registered shall display a number plate assigned by the Chief of Police showing the registration number, year, and State.  Such plate shall be attached to the rear of said vehicle.

Source:  YSL 1-93 9, modified.

     207.  Expiration and renewal of registration.
     Every vehicle registration under Division 1 of this title shall expire on December 31 each year and shall be renewed annually upon application by the owner and by payment of the fees required.

Source:  YSL 1-93 10, modified.

     208.  Failure to display plate or possess registration card; lending plate or card; fraud in application.
     Except for motorized farm vehicles, which for purposes of this section, shall mean a tractor, combine harvester, or similar vehicle which is used primarily for agricultural rather than on the road purposes, it shall be unlawful and constitute a misdemeanor for any person to:

     (a)  Operate upon a highway any motor vehicle which is not registered in the State or which does not have attached thereto the State number plate;

     (b)  Display or to have in possession any registration card or number plate or operator. s license knowing the same to be fictitious or to have been cancelled, revoked, suspended or altered;

     (c)  Lend to one not entitled thereto any registration card or number plate or operator. s license;

     (d)  Use a false or fictitious name or address in any application for an operator. s license or for the registration of any vehicle or otherwise commit a fraud in any such application.

Source:  YSL 1-93 11.