YSC, Title 16.  Education
Chapter 10.  Educational
and Recreational Television

1001.   Title.
1002.   General powers of Governor.
1003.   Board or commission.
1004.   Grants.
1005.   Additional powers.

     1001.  Title.
     This chapter shall be known and may be cited as the "Yap State Educational and Recreational Television Act of 1978".

Source:  YDL 5-87 1, modified.

     1002.  General powers of Governor.
     The Governor is empowered as follows:

     (a)  To acquire the necessary equipment and to construct the proper building for a television station for the State;

     (b)  To operate the station as a public service for educational and entertainment purposes;

     (c)  To lease or sell the facility, in the event the Governor deems it is in the best interest of the public, to local private enterprise, subject to the concurrence of the Legislature; provided, however, that any funds received from any lease or sale would be returned to the General Fund of the State of Yap in an amount sufficient to repay the appropriation hereinafter set forth; and provided further, that in the event the facility is to be sold, it shall not be sold for less than the actual cost and any sale shall be by bid after due public notice.

Source:  YDL 5-87 2, modified.

Commission Comment:  The "General Fund of the Legislature" is changed to the "General Fund of the State of Yap" pursuant to section 1211 of Title 13 (Taxation and Finance) of this Code.  Section 1211 of Title 13 establishes the General Fund of the State of Yap as the successor fund to, and replacement for, the General Fund of the Legislature.

     1003.  Board or commission.
     The Governor may establish a board or commission with the power to regulate television operations and programming in the State to insure that the best interests of the public are preserved and that the proper quantity of time is allocated for educational purposes.

Source:  YDL 5-87 3, modified.

     1004.  Grants.
     The Governor is empowered and granted legal authority to apply for any and all direct United States Federal, and all other United States or Trust Territory, Federal or State grants as may be available now or any time in the future.  Such power shall extend to giving grantor agencies all understandings and assurances as may be contained or required in laws, regulations, and understandings applicable to grantees.  The Governor shall be the official representative of the Legislature to act in accordance with such application, including providing grantor agencies such additional information as may be required.

Source:  YDL 5-87 4, modified.

     1005.  Additional powers.
     The Governor is empowered to make such executive orders, establish such boards and commissions, and negotiate such grants, loans, or financing packages as may be useful in effectuating this chapter.  Such powers shall be construed broadly so as to effectuate the intent of this chapter.

Source:  YDL 5-87 6, modified.