YSC, Title 3.  The Executive
Chapter 4:  Compensation
and Expenses

401.  Executive salaries.

     401.  Executive salaries.

     (a)  Annual salaries for the Governor and Lieutenant Governor shall be as follows:

     (1)  Governor ----------------------------------------- $24,000.00; and

     (2)  Lieutenant Governor ------------------------- $21,000.00.

     (b)  Annual salaries for directors of offices and departments and the Attorney General shall be set by the Governor; provided that such salaries shall not exceed that of the Lieutenant Governor, unless the Legislature or committee thereof consents to a higher salary.

Source:  YSL 1-114 2, as repealed and replaced in its entirety by YSL 1-146 1.

Cross-reference:  The constitutional provision governing the salaries of the Governor and Lieutenant Governor is found in Yap Const., Art. VI, Sect. 3.  That section states:  "The Governor and Lieutenant Governor shall receive annual salaries as prescribed by law.  Such salaries shall not be increased or decreased for their respective terms of office, except by general law applying to salaried officers of the State Government."

Commission Comment:  The word "officers" in subsection (b) is changed to "offices" to correct a typographical error.