Suffrage and Elections

     Section 1.  Suffrage.
     A citizen of Pohnpei who, at the time of election, has attained the age of eighteen years and has not committed a felony for which he is on parole or probation or under a sentence shall be qualified to vote.  Other qualifications may be prescribed by statute.

     Section 2.  Right to Vote and Hold Office.
     No property qualification, tax, or fee may be imposed on the right to vote or hold office.

     Section 3.  Conduct of Elections.
     The Legislature shall, by statute, provide for voter registration and the conduct of elections.  Voting shall be by secret ballot.

     Section 4.  Time of Elections.
     (1)     General elections for the Governor, the Lieutenant Governor, and the Legislature shall be held simultaneously every four years on the second Tuesday in November.

     (2)     Special elections shall be held as provided by statute.

     (3)     Runoff elections required by law shall be held twenty-eight days after the date of the election which resulted in the requirement for runoff.

     (4)     If a state of emergency declared by the Governor in accordance with the Constitution prevents the holding of an election when scheduled, the election shall be held not later than thirty days after the emergency ends.  Unless otherwise provided by statute, after postponement of an election due to a declared state of emergency, the new election date shall be proclaimed by the Governor.

     Section 5.  Initiative and Referendum.
     The Legislature shall provide by statute for enactment of laws by initiative petition requiring signature of not more than thirty-five percent of the qualified voters of Pohnpei, and for referendum requiring not more than sixty percent of the votes cast for approval of a proposal.