Table of Contents

RULE 1.   Scope of Rules.
(a)    Scope of Rules.
(b)    Rules Not to Affect Jurisdiction.

RULE 2.   Suspension of Rules.

RULE 3.   How Taken.
(a)    Filing the Notice of Appeal.
(b)    Joint or Condsolidated Appeals.
(c)    Content of the Notice of Appeal.
(d)    Service of the Notice of Appeal.
(e)    Payment of Fees.

RULE 4.   When Taken.
(a)    Appeals From Decisions Of the Kosrae State Land Commission  
(b)    Appeals From Decisions of the Branch Head.

RULE 5.   The Record on Appeal.
(a)    Composition of the Record On Appeal.
(b)    The Record On Appeal; Duties Of the Appellant and the Appellee; Translation Orders from the Court.

RULE 6.   Transmission of the Record.
(a)    Duty of the Appellant.
(b)    Duty of the Land Commission and Director of Administration and Finance to Prepare, Certify and File Record.

RULE 7.   Docketing the Appeal; Filing of the Record.
(a)    Docketing the Appeal.
(b)    Filing of the Record; or Partial Record
(c)    Form of Papers; Number of Copies.

RULE 8.   Filing and Service.
(a)    Filing.
(b)    Service of All Papers Required.
(c)    Manner of Service.
(d)    Proof of Service.

RULE 9.   Computation and Extension of Time.
(a)    Computation of Time.
(b)    Enlargement of Time.
(c)    Additional Time After Service By Mail.

RULE 10.   Motions.
(a)    Content of Motions; Response; Reply.
(b)    Form of Papers; Number of Copies.

RULE 11.   Briefs.
(a)    Brief of the Appellant.
(b)    Brief of the Appellee.
(c)    Reply Brief.
(d)    References In Briefs to Parties.
(e)    References In Briefs to the Record.
(f)     Reproductions of Statutes, Rules Regulations, Etc.
(g)    Length of Briefs.
(h)    Citation of Supplemental Authorities.

RULE 12.    Brief of an Amicus Curiae.

RULE 13.    Appendix to the Briefs.
(a)    Duty of Appellant to Prepare and File; Content of Appendix; Time for Filing; Number of Copies.
(b)    Duty of Appellee to Prepare and File; Content of Appendix; Time for Filing; Number of Copies.  

RULE 14.    Filing and Service of Briefs.
(a)    Time for Serving and Filing Briefs.
(b)    Number of Copies to Be Filed and Served.
(c)    Consequence of Failure to File Briefs.
(d)    Briefs Must Be Signed.

RULE 15.    Form of Briefs and Other Papers.
(a)    Form of Briefs.
(b)    Form of Other Papers.

RULE 16.   Oral Argument.
(a)    In General; Oral Argument Allowed.
(b)    Notice of Argument.
(c)    Order and Content of Argument.
(d)    Non-Appearance of Parties.
(e)    Submission On Briefs.
(f)     Use of Physical Exhibits At Argument; Removal.

RULE 17.   Entry of Judgment.

RULE 18.   Damages for Delay.

RULE 19.   Petition for Rehearing.
(a)    Time For Filing; Content; Answer; Action By Court If Granted.
(b)    Form Of Petition; Length.

RULE 20.   Dismissal.

RULE 21.   Substitution of Parties.
(a)    Death Of Party.
(b)    Substitution for Other Causes.
(c)    Public Officers; Death Or Separation From Office.  

RULE 22.   Duties of the Clerk.
(a)    General Provisions.
(b)    The Docket; Calendar: Other Records Required.
(c)     Notice Of Orders Or Judgment.
(d)    Custody Of Records and Papers.

RULE 23.   Citations to Authorities.
(a)    Federated States Of Micronesia Legal Authority.
(b)    Trust Territory Legal Authority
(c)    Kosrae State Legal Authority

RULE 24.   Attorneys and Trial Counselors.
(a)    Suspension Or Disbarment.
(b)    Disciplinary Power Of the Court Over Attorneys and Trial Counselors.

RULE 25.   Effective Date.

RULE 26.   Title.