Part III.   Fees and Charges

Chapter 21.  Airport Utilization Fee

Section 9.2101.  Definitions.
Section 9.2102.  Airport Utilization Fee.

      Section 9.2101.  Definitions.
       In this Chapter:

     (1)  "Passenger" is any person departing from Kosrae International Airport by commercial aircraft except the following:

     (a)  Transit passengers who arrive and depart from the Kosrae International Airport within a twenty-four hour period on the same flight and aircraft;

     (b)  Airline employees necessary for aircraft flight operations;

     (c)  Persons departing for medical emergencies, including the patient and necessary attendants, as certified by the Director of Health Services, his designee, or other licensed medical practitioner;

     (d)  Children under the age of two while traveling with an adult;

     (e)  United States Armed Forces personnel traveling as an activity of the United States Armed Forces;  

     (f)  Persons on charitable or disaster relief missions officially sanctioned by the Governor, his designee, or the Speaker of the Legislature or his designee.

     (2)  "Director" is the Director of the Department of Administration and Finance or his designee.

Added by State Law 4-88.  Amended by State Law 7-1.

      Section 9.2102.  Airport Utilization Fee.
       Each passenger departing from the Kosrae International Airport to any destination outside Kosrae State pays an Airport Utilization Fee of $10.00.  The fee is paid by or on behalf of each passenger and is collected by the Director upon the passenger's departure from the State at the Kosrae International Airport Terminal. A passenger does not have the right to depart from Kosrae International Airport until the Airport Utilization Fee is received by the Director.  The Director may provide by regulation, procedures for the efficient collection and handling of Airport Utilization Fee moneys, including the imposition of fines not to exceed $50.00 for the failure or refusal of any passenger to pay the Airport Utilization Fee.

Added by State Law 4-88 and amended by State Laws 5-59 and 6-146.