Chapter 44.  Accused's Rights

Section 6.4401.  Rights.

      Section 6.4401.  Rights.
       An accused has the right to:

     (1)  have in advance of trial a copy of the charge upon which he is to be tried;

     (2)  consult counsel before trial and to have counsel of his choosing defend him at trial;

     (3)  apply to the Court for a continuance to prepare his defense, which the Court grants upon finding that prejudice to the defendant's defense would occur without an extension;

     (4)  call at trial witnesses of his choosing and to have witnesses summoned by the Court at his request;

     (5)  on his initiative give evidence on his own behalf at trial; and

     (6)  have proceedings interpreted for his benefit when he is unable to understand them.

Cross reference:
The constitutional provisions on the Judiciary are found inKosrae Const., Art. VI.  The constitutional provisions on personal freedoms are found in Kosrae Const., Art. II.  The FSM constitutional provisions on declaration of rights are found in FSM Const., Art. IV.