Chapter 15.  Organization

Section 6.1501.  Land Court as an Inferior Court.

      Section 6.1501.  Land Commission integration; inferior courts. In consultation with the Land Commission the Court reports and makes recommendations to the Legislature within one year of the Code’s effective date concerning the advisability of partial or complete integration of the Land Commission within the Judiciary as an inferior court or some other form of relationship between the Court and the Land Commission. The Court may transmit to the Legislature its recommendations concerning the establishment of inferior courts.  Land Court as an Inferior Court.
     Pursuant to the Land Court Act of 2000, the Land Court, as described in Title 11, Chapter 6, is established as an inferior court within the Kosrae State Court system.  (changes effective October 1, 2001 by State Law 7-126)

Cross reference:
The constitutional provisions on the Judiciary are found inKosrae Const., Art. VI.