Title 4

Chapter 1.  Powers

Section 4.101.  Arrest.

      Section 4.101.  Arrest.
       The Sergeant at arms has the authority to arrest of a policeman in the situations stated in Section 17.1101 when the act leading to arrest is related to Legislature proceedings, property or personnel.  Upon arrest the Sergeant at arms promptly notifies the Police for disposition of the arrested person.  The Police give full assistance and cooperation to the Sergeant at arms and the Legislature in matters of arrest. In exercising the arrest power the Sergeant at arms is subject to an order of the Speaker at any time and to an order of a chairman of a Legislature committee, while the committee is meeting.  An order of a majority of the Senators supersedes an order of the Speaker when the Legislature is in session.  An order of a majority of a committee supersedes an order of the chairman, when a committee is meeting.

Cross reference:
The constitutional provisions on the Legislature are found in Kosrae Constitution, Art. IV.