Chapter 14.  The Ballot

Section 3.1401.  Ballot content.
Section 3.1402.  Specimen ballot.
Section 3.1403.  Packaging, sealing, record of distribution.

      Section 3.1401.  Ballot content.

     (1)  An election is by ballot prepared by the Commission.

     (2)  A ballot lists in a vertical column in alphabetical order by first name the names of all qualified candidates for a contested office or group of offices.

     (3)  The Commission approves by signature of its chairman, and preserves the master ballot from which it prints ballots.

     (4)  A ballot, except in a run-off election, provides a space for a write-in vote for each office on the ballot.

The Kosrae State constitutional provision on suffrage is found in Kosrae Const., Art. III

      Section 3.1402.  Specimen ballot.

     (1)  Ten days before an election the Commission prepares a specimen ballot, plainly marked as such, giving a copy to each candidate and posting a copy in a conspicuous public place in a district.

     (2)  The Commission posts two copies of a relevant specimen ballot on either side of the entrance of a polling place in plain public view.

      Section 3.1403.  Packaging, sealing, record of distribution.

     (1)  When printed, the Commission fastens ballots in blocks of one hundred for ready detachment and removal of individual ballots.

     (2)  The Commission provides blocks of ballots in sealed packages to a supervisor upon the opening of a polling place.

     (3)  The Commission keeps a record of the number of ballots provided to a supervisor.