Chapter 13.  Candidates

Section 3.1301.  Nomination.
Section 3.1302.  Withdrawal.

      Section 3.1301.  Nomination.

     (1)  A candidate's name appears on a ballot only if the Commission receives a petition nominating the candidate thirty-five days before an election.  A non-refundable twenty five dollar fee accompanies the petition.

     (2)  A nomination petition expressly nominates a qualified candidate for an office, and bears the signatures of no fewer than twenty-five qualified voters who are resident s of the area to which the office applies.

     (3)  The Commission promptly determines the qualification of a nominee.  If it initially determines that a nominee is not qualified, it gives the nominee written notice of the reasons for the determination and an opportunity to present evidence supporting qualification before the Commission makes a final finding regarding qualification.

     (4)  Within forty-eight hours of the close of nominations the Commission issues a certified list of candidates for an office.

Amended by State Law 6-157.

The Kosrae State constitutional provision on suffrage is found in Kosrae Const., Art. III

      Section 3.1302.  Withdrawal.

     (1)  A candidate may withdraw following nomination by giving written notice to the Commission.  If a candidate withdraws or dies after the printing of a ballot, the Commission strikes his name from the ballot, giving general public notice and posting notice at a polling place before the opening of the place on election day.

     (2)  If a candidate withdraws his nomination later than thirty-two days before an election, the preparation of the ballot has begun, and the withdrawal necessitates a reprinting of the ballots or a striking out of a candidate's name, the withdrawing candidate reimburses the Commission for the cost of reprinting or striking within sixty days after withdrawal, except for a withdrawal necessitated for medical cause certified by a physician.