Chapter 12.  Voter Registration

Section 3.1201.  Register and lists of voters.
Section 3.1202.  Petition following exclusion.
Section 3.1203.  Time of registration.
Section 3.1204.  Qualification for Registration.
Section 3.1205.  Striking disqualified voter.
Section 3.1206.  Place of Registration.
Section 3.1207.  District of Registration.
Section 3.1208.  Re-registration.

      Section 3.1201.  Register and lists of voters.

     (1)  The Commission maintains a general register of qualified voters, and a list of qualified voters for each district.  The Commission posts a certified copy of a list at the relevant municipal office fifteen days before an election.

     (2)  The Commission enters a registered name in its proper place in a general alphabetical index, with a reference to the page on which the registration appears.

     (3)  A person does not vote in an election and his name does not appear in the register or list of voters if he fails to register with the formalities and subject to the restrictions and qualifications required by law.

Amended by State Law 4-119.

The Kosrae State constitutional provision on suffrage is found in Kosrae Const., Art. III.

      Section 3.1202.  Petition following exclusion.
       A registered voter excluded from a relevant list may petition the Commission for inclusion.  If the Commission finds that the person is entitled to inclusion, it places the name of the person on the list.

      Section 3.1203.  Time of registration.
       A person may register to vote except during the periods beginning thirty days before an election and thirty days after an election.

      Section 3.1204.  Qualification for Registration.

     (1)  To register to vote a person is:

     (a)  a citizen of the Federated States of Micronesia; and

     (b)  a domiciliary of the State; and

     (c)  at least eighteen years of age on or before the next election; and

     (d)  a resident of the district of registration for any ninety consecutive day period prior to the date of registration.

Amended by State Law 4-119.

      Section 3.1205.  Striking disqualified voter.
       Within five days following the close of registration before an election the Commission determines from Government records whether a registered voter cannot vote because of death, disqualification, loss of citizenship, or other cause. The Commission inquires into the record's validity, giving the person concerned notice and a fair opportunity to be heard.  If following inquiry the Commission finds that its initial determination is correct, it strikes the name of the person from the registry and relevant list.  The Commission keeps a record of information acquired pursuant to this section and makes the information available to an official whose duty is to determine voting qualifications.

      Section 3.1206.  Place of Registration.
       The Commission designates a place within a district for the registration of [voters].  Any person residing outside the State, who is eligible to vote, may register by mail or may be registered by a person designated by the Commission.

Amended by State Law 4-119 and 6-183.

      Section 3.1207.  District of Registration.

     (1)  A person residing within the State registers to vote in the district in which he resides.

     (2)  A person residing outside the State registers to vote in the district in the State in which he most recently resided for ninety consecutive days.

     (3)  If a person resides in more than one district, he may choose his district of registration, but may register to vote in only one district.

     (4)  If the Commission errs in placing the name of a voter on a list of a district in which he does not actually reside, the voter may vote where listed, if otherwise qualified.  A supervisor notifies the Commission of the error for correction of the list.

Amended by State Law 4-119.

      Section 3.1208.  Re-registration.

     (1)  Registration of a voter is sufficient for a future election, except in case of a change of name or residence or intervening disqualification.

     (2)  A person who is registered in the State re-registers only if he seeks to vote in a district other than that in which he originally registered.

     (3)  A voter who changes his residence from one district to another registers again in the register for the applicable district or the proper name. The Commission cancels the former registration by drawing a line through the name of the voter as previously registered, followed by the signature of a Commission member and the date of cancellation in ink.  A re-registration pursuant to this section may not occur within ninety days preceding an election.

     (4)  Upon destruction or loss of registration records the Commissioner may require the re-registration of voters.