Rule 1.  Scope of Rules
         Rule 1(a)  Scope of Rules
         Rule 1(b)  Rules not to Affect Jurisdiction
         Rule 1(c)  Place for Filing
Rule 2.  Suspension of Rules
Rule 3.  How Taken
         Rule 3(a)  Filing the Notice of Appeal
         Rule 3(b)  Joint or Consolidated Appeals
         Rule 3(c)  Content of the Notice of Appeal
Rule 4.  When Taken
         Rule 4(a)  Appeals in Civil Cases
         Rule 4(b)  Appeals in Criminal Cases
Rule 5.  Appeals by Permission
         Rule 5(a)  Petition for Permission to Appeal
         Rule 5(b)  Content of Petition; Answer
         Rule 5(c)  Form of Papers; Number of Copies
Rule 6.  Vacant.
Rule 7.  Bond of Costs on Appeal in Civil Cases
Rule 8.  Stay or Injunction Pending Appeal
Rule 8(a)  Stay Must Ordinarily Be Sought in the First Instance in the Court Appealed from; Motion for Stay in the Supreme Court Appellate Division
Rule 8(b)  Stay May Be Consolidated Upon Giving of Bond; Proceedings Against Sureties
Rule 8(c)  Stay in Criminal Cases
Rule 9.  Release in Criminal Cases
Rule 9(a)   Appeals from Orders Respecting Release Entered Prior to a Judgment of Conviction
            Rule 9(b)   Release Pending Appeal from a Judgment of Conviction
            Rule 9(c)   Criteria for Release
Rule 9(d)   Provision of Release
Rule 10.  The Record on Appeal
Rule 10(a)  Composition of the Record on Appeal
            Rule 10(b)  The Transcript of Proceedings; Duty of Appellant to Order; Notice of Appellee if Partial Transcript is Ordered
            Rule 10(c)  Statement of Evidence or Proceeding When No Report was Made or When the Transcript is Unavailable
            Rule 10(d)  Agreed Statement as the Record on Appeal
            Rule 10(e)  Correction or Modification of the Record
Rule 11.  Transmission of the Record
Rule 11(a)  Duty of the Appellant
            Rule 11(b)  Duty of the Reporter to Prepare and File Transcript; Notice to the Supreme Court Appellate Division
            Rule 11(c)  Duty of the Clerk to Prepare, Certify and Transmit the Record
            Rule 11(d)  Temporary Retention of Record in the Court Appealed from for Use in Preparing Appellate Papers; Duty of the Clerk to Transmit Record
            Rule 11(e)  Record for Preliminary Hearing in the Supreme Court Appellate Division
Rule 12.  Docketing the Appeal; Filing of the Record
            Rule 12(a)  Docketing the Appeal
            Rule 12(b)  Filing of the Record, Partial Record or Certificate
Rule 13.  Vacant.
Rule 14.  Vacant.
Rule 15.  Vacant.
Rule 21.   Writs of Mandamus and Prohibition Directed to a Judge or Judges and Other Extraordinary Writs
           Rule 21(a)  Mandamus or Prohibition to a Judge or Justice; Petition for Writ; Service and Filing
           Rule 21(b)  Order Directing Answer, Denial
           Rule 21(c)  Other Extraordinary Writs
           Rule 21(d)  Form of Papers; Number of Copies
Rule 22.  Habeas Corpus Proceedings
           Rule 22(a)  Application for the Original Writ
           Rule 22(b)  Necessity of Certificate of Probable Cause for Appeal
Rule 23.   Custody of Prisoners in Habeas Corpus Proceedings
           Rule 23(a)  Transfer of Custody Pending Review
           Rule 23(b)  Detention or Release of Prisoner Pending Review of Decision Failing to Release
           Rule 23(c)  Release of Prisoner Pending Review of Decision Ordering Release
           Rule 23(d)  Modification of Initial Order Respecting Custody
Rule 24.  Proceeding in Forma Pauperis
           Rule 24(a)  Leave to Proceed on Appeal in Forma Pauperis
           Rule 24(b)  Vacant.
           Rule 24(c)  Vacant.
Rule 25.  Filing and Service
Rule 25(a)  Filing
            Rule 25(b)  Service of All Papers Required
            Rule 25(c)  Manner of Service
            Rule 25(d)  Proof of Service
Rule 26.  Computation and Extension of Time
           Rule 26(a)  Computation of Time
           Rule 26(b)  Enlargement of Time
           Rule 26(c)  Additional Time After Service by Mail
Rule 27.  Motions
           Rule 27(a)  Content of Motions; Response; Reply
           Rule 27(b)  Determination of Motions for Procedural Orders
           Rule 27(c)  Power of Single Justice to Entertain Motions
           Rule 27(d)  Form of Papers; Number of Copies
Rule 28.  Briefs
           Rule 28(a)  Brief of the Appellant
           Rule 28(b)  Brief of the Appellee
           Rule 28(c)  Reply Brief
           Rule 28(d)  References in Briefs to Parties
           Rule 28(e)  References in Briefs to the Record
           Rule 28(f)   Reproduction of Statutes, Rules, Regulations, Etc.
           Rule 28(g)  Length of Briefs
           Rule 28(h)  Briefs in Cases Involving Cross Appeals
           Rule 28(i)   Briefs in Cases Involving Multiple Appellants or Appellees
           Rule 28(j)   Citation of Supplemental Authorities
Rule 29.  Brief of an Amicus Curiae
Rule 30.  Appendix to the Briefs
           Rule 30(a)  Duty of Appellant to Prepare and File
           Rule 30(b)  Determination of Contents of Appendix
           Rule 30(c)  Vacant
           Rule 30(d)  Arrangement of the Appendix
           Rule 30(e)  Reproduction of Exhibits
           Rule 30(f)   Hearing of Appeals on the Original Record without the Necessity of an Appendix
Rule 31.  Filing and Service of Briefs
           Rule 31(a)  Time for Serving and Filing Briefs
           Rule 31(b)  Number of Copies to be Filed and Served
           Rule 31(c)  Consequence of Failure to File Briefs
           Rule 31(d)  Briefs must be Signed by Attorney
Rule 32.  Form of Briefs and Other Papers
           Rule 32(a)  Form of Briefs
           Rule 32(b)  For of Other Papers
Rule 33.  Prehearing Conference
Rule 34.  Oral Argument
           Rule 34(a)  In General; Oral Argument Allowed
           Rule 34(b)  Notice of Argument; Postponement
           Rule 34(c)  Order and Content of Argument
           Rule 34(d)  Cross and Separate Appeals
           Rule 34(e)  Non-Appearance of Parties
           Rule 34(f)   Submission on Briefs
           Rule 34(g)  Use of Physical Exhibits at Argument; Removal
Rule 35.  Vacant
Rule 36.  Entry of Judgment
Rule 37.  Interest on Judgments
Rule 38.  Damages for Delay
Rule 39.  Costs
           Rule 39(a)  To Whom Allowed
           Rule 39(b)  Costs for and against the FSM
           Rule 39(c)  Costs of Briefs and Copies of Records
           Rule 39(d)  Bill of Costs; Objections; Costs to be Inserted in Mandate or Added Later
           Rule 39(e)  Costs on Appeal Taxable in the Court Appealed From
Rule 40.  Petition for Rehearing
           Rule 40(a)  Time for Filing; Content; Answer; Action by the Court if Granted    
           Rule 40(b)  Form of Petition; Length
Rule 41.  Issuance of Mandate
Rule 42.  Voluntary Dismissal
           Rule 42(a)  Dismissal in the Court Appealed From
           Rule 42(b)  Dismissal in the Supreme Court Appellate Division
Rule 43.  Substitution of Parties
           Rule 43(a)  Death of a Party
           Rule 43(b)  Substitution for Other Cause
           Rule 43(c)  Public Officers; Death or Separation From Office
Rule 44.   Cases Involving Constitutional Questions Where FSM is Not a Party
Rule 45.  Duties of Clerks
           Rule 45(a)  General Provisions
           Rule 45(b)  The Docket; Calendar; Other Records Required
           Rule 45(c)  Notice of Orders or Judgments
           Rule 45(d)  Custody of Records and Papers
           Rule 45(e)  Six-Month Goal
Rule 46.  Attorneys
           Rule 46(a)  Admissions to Practice
           Rule 46(b)  Suspension or Disbarment
           Rule 46(c)  Disciplinary Power of the Court over Attorneys and Trial Counselors
Rule 47.  Vacant
Rule 48.  Title