Levels of Government

     Section 1.  The three levels of government in the Federated States of Micronesia are national, state, and local.  A state is not required to establish a new local government where none exists on the effective date of this Constitution.

     Section 2.  A state shall have a democratic constitution.

Case annotations:  Pohnpei State Constitution was established under authority granted by art. VII, 2 of FSM Constitution which mandates that a state shall have a democratic constitution and also Pohnpei State Law No. 2L-131-82, 9, which mandated the Pohnpei State Constitutional Convention "to draft a constitution for the State of Ponape ... [that] ... shall make adequate provisions for the exercise of legislative, judicial and executive functions, and shall guarantee to all citizens of the State, a democratic form of government ..."  People of Kapingamarangi v. Pohnpei Legislature, 3 FSM Intrm. 5, 8-9 (Pon. S. Ct. Tr. 1985).