Chapter 8:  Chuuk State
Commission on Improvement Projects

§ 801.  Commission created.
§ 802.  Commission Organization; Quorum; Interim manager.
§ 803.  Commission — Authority.
§ 804.  Chuuk State Development Authorities.

     § 801.  Commission created.
     There is hereby created a Chuuk State Commission on Improvement Projects (“CSCIP”).  The commission shall be composed of the following:  a representative from each of the election districts within the State of Chuuk, or his designee, and the director of the Office of Planning and Statistics of the Chuuk State Government.  A majority of the mayors of the district shall select a person from within the district to represent the district on the CSCIP.

Source:  PL 10-109 § 2; PL 11-60 § 1.

     § 802.  Commission — Organization; Quorum; Interim manager.

    (1)   The commission shall meet to organize itself and to select a chairman and a vice chairman.  The presence of a majority of the representatives from the five election districts shall be necessary to constitute a quorum. Meetings shall be conducted according to bylaws adopted by the members.  The chairman will have the authority to vote at a meeting only in order to break a tie.

    (2)   Until such time as sufficient representatives have been selected to constitute a quorum to organize, the President of the Federated States of Micronesia is authorized to appoint an interim manager to carry out duties and responsibilities authorized under subsections (1) through (5) of section 803.

Source:  PL 10-109 § 3; PL 10-135 § 1; PL 10-153 § 1.

     § 803.  Commission — Authority.
     The commission shall have the authority to:

    (1)  Obligate funds appropriated and allotted to the commission by the Congress for projects in Chuuk;

    (2)  Award and enter into contracts for projects, giving priority to bids by Micronesian citizens or corporations qualified and capable of performing fully and without delay such projects;

    (3)  Assess damage to private property caused by projects and negotiate written settlements on amounts of compensation, such written settlements to be treated as obligations for purposes of the Financial Management Act of 1979;

    (4)  Establish priorities for the performance of projects, ensuring that each district is treated as equally as possible;

    (5)  Submit all reports required by applicable law, including, but not limited to, the Financial Management Act of 1979; and

    (6)  Appoint an executive director, who may carry out such duties of the commission as the commission deems advisable; the commission may authorize the executive director to hire staff.

Source:  PL 10-109 § 4; PL 10-135 § 2.

     § 804.  Chuuk State Development Authorities.
     Where an appropriation designates a “Development Authority” as an allottee in Chuuk State, the designation shall refer to an entity created by Chuuk State law.  In the event that such an entity has not been created by Chuuk State law or has been abolished, the executive director of the Chuuk State Commission on Improvement Projects or his designee shall serve as allottee.

Source:  PL 10-121 § 1; PL 11-30 § 1.

Editor’s note: Chapter 8 was originally reserved in the 1982 edition of this Code.