Chapter 1: Commission on Future
Political Status and Transition

( 101-112)

Editor's note:  PL 2-54, as amended by PL 3-1, created a Plebiscite Commission to assist the States in conducting a public information program and plebiscite on the signed Compact of Free Association with the US.  It also established procedures for the ratification and approval of the Compact pursuant to the terms of the Compact and FSM Const., art. IX, 4.

The Compact was approved by the FSM electorate in June, 1983 and thereafter ratified by the FSM Congress and State legislatures.

PL 4-13, as amended by PL 4-29, provided that the President may agree to an effective date for the Compact subsequent to, or concurrent with the termination of the Trusteeship Agreement for the Former Japanese Mandated Islands.  PL 4-29 also conditioned implementation of the Compact upon the conclusion of certain transitional arrangements.

On November 3, 1986, the FSM President declared by proclamation that the Compact was in effect and the Trusteeship terminated as of that date with respect to the FSM.

Finally, PL 4-73 repealed PL 4-13, as amended by PL 4-29, and recited that all of the conditions set by that law for the establishment of an effective date for the Compact and its implementation were met.

PL 5-21 12 repealed the former chapter 1, "Commission on Future Political Status and Transition," in its entirety.