Article XV

     Section 1.  This Constitution shall take effect on October 1, 1989.

     Section 2.  Until superseded by officers of the State Government under this Constitution, all officers of the chartered state government and its subdivisions, or under its laws, shall continue their functions and duties, and shall be governed in their performance by the Truk State Charter.  Article V, VI, and VII of this Constitution shall not apply to such performance.

     Section 3.  The governor, legislature, and chief justice under the charter shall provide for a smooth and orderly transition to government under this Constitution.

     Section 4.  The Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and members of the First Legislature pursuant to this Constitution shall be elected at the first general election, which shall be held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in March of 1990. They shall serve for 3 years until succeeded.  The terms of the members of the First Legislature shall begin on the first Monday in May following the general election. Both houses shall convene at 10:00 a.m. on that day.

     Section 5.  The second general election shall be held on the same day as the national election in March of 1993.

     Section 6.  All gubernatorial appointments and senatorial confirmations provided for under this Constitution, or under statutes adopted in implementation thereof, shall be made by the respective officers elected in the first general election in 1990.

     Section 7.  The First Legislature elected under this Constitution may consider any bill disapproved by the governor under the Charter and not returned in time to be considered by its predecessor.  The Senate shall, in such case, be deemed the originating house and shall consider the disapproved bill first.

     Section 8.  No amendment to this Constitution may be proposed until after the election and qualifications of the officers elected in the first general election in 1990.

     Section 9.  A statute in force in the State of Chuuk on the effective date of this Constitution continues in effect to the extent it is consistent with this Constitution, or until it is amended or repealed.  A writ, action, suit, proceeding, civil or criminal liability, prosecution, judgment, sentence, order, decree, appeal, cause of action, defense, contract, claim, demand, title or right continues unaffected, except as modified in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution.  The State Government under this Constitution is the legal successor to the chartered state government.

Case annotations:  Criminal statutes in effect on the effective date of the State of Chuuk Constitution (Oct. 1, 1989) that are consistent with the Constitution continue in effect.Chuuk v. Arnish, 6 FSM Intrm. 611, 613 (Chk. S. Ct. Tr. 1994).

     Section 10.  No change in salary pursuant to this Constitution may take effect until after the general election held in March of 1990.  Until prescribed by statute, these annual salaries shall apply:  Governor --$25,000; Lieutenant Governor --$22,000; Chief Justice --$23,000; and each Associate Justice --$20,000.

     Section 11.
          (a)     The Governor shall appoint and the Senate shall confirm a Public Auditor within one year of the effective date of this Constitution.

          (b)     The first Independent Prosecutor shall be selected within one year of the effective date of this Constitution.

          (c)     The State of Chuuk shall develop procedures for the participation of municipal government in the state budget appropriation process within one year of the effective date of this Constitution.

          (d)     All municipalities shall adopt their constitution within 3 years of the effective date of this Constitution.