DRAFT CSC, Title 25.  Maritime & Marine Resources
Inshore-Nearshore Fishing Program

1501.  Establishment.
1502.  Scope of Instruction.
1503.  Lease- Purchase Agreement.
1504.  Administration.
1505.  Annual Appropriation.

      1501.  Establishment.
     There is hereby established an inshore-near shore fishing program (the Program) for the purpose of procuring fishing vessels from the Chuuk Truk Boat Building Program, equipment, materials, and supplies; to instruct residents of Chuuk State Truk District in the proper use of the vessels for inshore and nearshore fishing; and to enter lease-purchase agreements for the vessels to successful graduates of the instruction course.

Source:  TDL 26-1-3, 1 (71), modified.

Editor's note:  TDL 26-1-3 that created this Chapter was signed into law by the District Administrator on August 9, 1976.

      1502.  Scope of Instruction.
     The Program shall include a course of instruction to encompass the following areas:

     (1)  Use, maintenance, and repair of ferrocement vessels;

     (2)  Diesel engine design, function, operation, maintenance, and repair;

     (3)  Operation of vessel and seamanship;

     (4)  Fishing techniques, equipment, and supplies, and

     (5)  Business management and marketing.

Source:  TDL 26-1-3, 1 (72), modified.

      1503.  Lease-Purchase Agreement.
     Upon the completion of the course of instructions, successful graduates shall be eligible to enter into lease-purchase agreements for the vessels used in the Program.  The administrators of the Program shall proffer such agreements to graduates who have demonstrated ability during the course of instruction to employ the skills acquired to operate a successful inshore-nearshore fishing enterprise.  The terms of the agreement shall be within the discretion of the administrator of the Program.

Source:  TDL 26-1-3, 1 (73), modified.

      1504.  Administration.
     (1)  The Chief of the Chuuk State Truk District Division of Marine Resources shall be the administrator of the Program and shall submit an annual report and accounting to the Chuuk State Truk District Legislature on or before May 1 of each fiscal year.

     (2)  Any funds received from the lease-purchase agreements shall be retained by the Division of Marine Resources to be used in continuing the Program.

     (3)  Students of the Program shall be entitled to six dollars ($6.00) per working day during the course of instruction as allowance.

Source:  TDL 26-1-3, 1 (74), modified.

      1505.  Annual Appropriation.
     There is hereby authorized an annual appropriation out of the General Fund of Chuuk State the Truk District Legislature of such sum the Legislature deems necessary to carry out the provisions of the Chapter.

Source:  TDL 26-1-3, 1 (75), modified.