DRAFT CSC, Title 24.  Land Management

     The following appendices to Title 24 on Land Management contain provisions from the Trust Territory Code (1980).
     Appendix A is from Title 57 on Real and Personal Property.
     Appendix B is from Title 67 on Public Lands and Resources.
     These titles have been set forth as they were published in the 1980 Trust Territory Code (except for minor formatting changes to improve readability) for reference, as some of these provisions have been held to be in effect in the State of Chuuk.  No attempt has been made to revise these provisions, so as to allow the Chuuk Legislature that important prerogative.

Appendix A - Title 57 - Real and Personal Property
Chapter 1     Personal Property
Chapter 2     Land Ownership Generally
Chapter 3     Land Management System
Chapter 4     Recording of Land Transfers

Appendix B - Title 67 - Public Lands and Resources
Chapter 1     General Provisions
Chapter 2     District Land Office
Chapter 3     Land Registration
Chapter 4     Subdivision of Public Lands
Chapter 5     Homesteads
Chapter 6     Historical Sites and Antiquities
Chapter 7     Lease of Public Lands to Citizens
Chapter 8     Designation of Public Lands for Homestead and Other
Chapter 9     Land Acquisition
Chapter 10     Relocation Assistance