DRAFT CSC, Title 21.  Health and Sanitation
Illegal Foodstuffs

1401.  Prohibition.
1402.  Penalty.

      1401.  Prohibition.
     It shall be unlawful for any person, or group of persons, corporation, association, or organization to sell or to engage in the sale of the followings foodstuffs for purposes of human consumption:

     (1)  Pounded breadfruit;

     (2)  Pounded banana;

     (3)  Pounded taro; and

     (4)  Pounded tapioca.

Source:  17 TDC 51.

Cross-reference:  The constitutional provisions on health are found in Art. X, Sections 6 and 7 of the Chuuk State Constitution.  The National Food Safety Act is codified in Title 41 on Public Health, Safety and Welfare, Chapter 10 on National Food Safety Act.

      1402.  Penalty.
     Any person who shall knowingly and willfully sell or engage in the sale of the food stuffs referred to in Section 51 1401 of this Chapter for purposes of human consumption, shall be guilty of maintaining a nuisance, and upon conviction thereof, shall be punished in accordance with Section 1101, Chapter 45, Title 11 of the Trust Territory Code.

Source:  17 TDC 52, modified.

Cross reference:  11 TTC 1101 was a provision on nuisance defined; punishment.