DRAFT CSC, Title 21.  Health & Sanitation
Smoking Act of 1991

1301.  Designation.
1302.  Smoking Prohibited.
1303.  Civil Penalty.

      1301.  Designation.
     This Chapter shall be known and cited as the "Smoking Act of 1991."

Source:  CSL 191-08, 1, modified.

Cross-reference:  The constitutional provisions on health are found in Art. X, Sections 6 and 7 of the Chuuk State Constitution.

      1302.  Smoking Prohibited.

     (1)  Smoking cigarettes, tobaccos, and pipes in the following designated public places and areas in Chuuk State is prohibited:

(1) (a)  Hospitals and dispensaries;

     (b)  Classrooms;

     (c)  Dining halls;

     (d)  Conference rooms; and

     (e)  Meeting halls.

     (2)  "SMOKING IS PROHIBITED IN THIS AREA BY LAW" signs must be posted in those places where smoking is prohibited under this Act Chapter.

Source:  CSL 191-08, 2, modified.

      1303.  Civil Penalty.
     A violation of this Act Chapter shall subject the violator to a civil penalty of a minimum fine of $10.00.

Source:  CSL 191-08, 3.