DRAFT CSC, Title 20.  Education
Non-Public School Teachers Subsidy

1301.  Authorization
1302.  Subsidy
1303.  Payment

      1301.  Authorization.
     There is hereby authorized an annual appropriation of such sums as the Legislature may from time to time deem necessary for the purpose of subsidizing the salaries of elementary school English teachers at non-public elementary schools in Truk District Chuuk State.

Source:  TDL 21-10, 2, modified.

Cross-reference:  The constitutional provisions on education are found in Art. X, Sections 1 to 5 of the Chuuk State Constitution.  Section 5 specifically deals with non-public schools.  Sections 1 to 5 state as follows:

     Section 1.  Free compulsory public elementary and free public secondary education shall be provided in the State of Chuuk as prescribed by statute.
     Section 2.  The State Government shall provide for the establishment, management, and support of a statewide system of public schools which shall, within the limits of its resources, provide an education of quality and relevancy, free from sectarian control and available to all persons in the State of Chuuk.
     Section 3.  There shall be a governing Board of Education, consisting of 8 members, with each member appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate.  One of the members shall serve from each of the 5 Senatorial Regions, one from the public school system, one from the private system, and one who is known for knowledge and expertise in a field related to education.  The members of the Board shall serve staggered terms, as prescribed by statute.
     Section 4.  A head of the Education Department shall be appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Senate from among 3 candidates nominated by the Board of Education.  The Board shall have the power, as prescribed by statute, to formulate policy and to exercise control over the public school system through the head of the Education Department.  The head of the Education Department shall serve as the executive director of the Board and may only be removed by the Board.
     Section 5.  The standard and conditions for the establishment of private schools shall be provided by law.  Assistance may be provided to parochial schools for non-religious purposes.

      1302.  Subsidy.
     Each of the teachers referred to in Section 201 1301 of this Act Chapter shall be subsidized forty dollars ($40.00) per month; provided that no subsidy shall be given when the teacher is not engaged in teaching during the summer months. However, teachers who attend a training program shall be eligible to receive subsidies pursuant to this Act Chapter.  Subsidy payments shall in no way cause a decrease in the salaries presently paid by non-public elementary schools.

Source:  TDL 21-10, 4, as amended by TDL 25-31, 1and TDL 27-23, 1.

      1303.  Payment.
     The District State Treasurer is authorized to disburse the money appropriated pursuant to this Act Chapter upon written request signed by the teacher and certified by the Headmaster or Principal of the school at which the teacher is employed.  Requests shall be delivered to the District State Treasurer and payments made by the first week of each month.

Source:  TDL 21-10, 5, modified.