DRAFT CSC, Title 19.  Agriculture
Local Farmers Revolving Fund

1001.  Appropriation.
1002.  Utilization of fund.
1003.  Administration of funds.
1004.  Dissolution.

      1001.  Appropriation.
     There is hereby appropriated the sum of three thousand and five hundred ($3,500.00) dollars out of the General Fund of the State of Chuuk Truk District Legislature, not otherwise appropriated, for the purpose of establishing a Truk District Chuuk State Local Farmers Revolving Fund.

Source:  TDL 21-25, 1, modified.

      1002.  Utilization of Fund.
     Funds appropriated pursuant to this act Chapter shall be expended by the Truk District Chuuk State Department of Agriculture for the sole purpose of purchasing agricultural supplies, livestock, feeds, assorted tools and other materials, for the use of local farmers in Truk District Chuuk State.  All such materials, tools and supplies shall be sold to District State farmers.  The selling price may include overhead costs, freight costs, handling charges and a margin of profit not to exceed ten percent (10%) of costs.

Source:  TDL 21-25, 2, modified.

      1003.  Administration of Funds.
     The District State Agriculturist is authorized to administer the Local Farmers Revolving Fund.  The Department of Agriculture shall keep the Legislature informed on the use and effectiveness of this assistance by submitting annual reports to the Legislature on or before May 31 of each year.

Source:  TDL 21-25, 3, modified.

      1004.  Dissolution.
     In the event this program is discontinued, the funds appropriated herein shall revert to the General Fund of the Truk District Legislature Chuuk State.

Source:  TDL 21-25, 4, modified.