DRAFT CSC, Title 12.  Crimes and Punishment

9091.  Dismissal by Attorney General or district attorney.
9092.  Dismissal by court.

      9091.  Dismissal by Attorney Generalor district attorney.
     The Attorney General or the district attorney may by leave of court file a dismissal of an information, or complaint, or citation and the prosecution shall thereupon terminate.  Such a dismissal may not, however, be filed during the trial without the consent of the accused.

          Source:  (Code 1966, 491; Code 1970, tit. 12, 351.) 12 TTC 8 351, modified.

      9092.  Dismissal by court.
     If there is unnecessary delay in bringing an accused to trial, the court may dismiss an information, or complaint, or citation.

          Source:  (Code 1966, 492; Code 1970, tit. 12, 352.) 12 TTC 8 352, modified.