DRAFT CSC, Title 11.  Civil Defense and Disaster
Civil Defense Plan

1001.  Creation.

      1001.  Creation.
     The District Administrator Governor shall be responsible for the creation and carrying out of a civil defense plan for the Truk District Chuuk State.  Such plan will be developed according to the following outline:

     (1)  General:  Definitions of civil defense and evacuation;

     (2)  Purpose:  The reasons for the plan;

     (3)  Organization and Responsibility:  Office of Civil Defense, Advisory Board, Director of Civil Defense, authority and power, responsibility of government agencies and others, description of duties of officers, and municipalities;

     (4)  Mobilization of Civil Defense Forces:  Notification of an emergency, warning systems, and preparation.

     (5)  Typhoon and Tidal Wave Conditions:  All conditions for typhoon readiness and post-typhoon and conditions;

     (6)  Fire Plan:  Conditions for fires, warning systems and fire fighting plans.

Source:  7 TDC 1, modified.

Cross-reference:  The constitutional provision on declaring a state of emergency is found in Art. VI, Section 12 of the Chuuk State Constitution.  Section 12 states as follows:
           Section 12.
          (a)     If required to preserve public peace, health, or safety at a time of extreme emergency caused by civil disturbance, natural disaster, or immediate threat of war or insurrection, the Governor may declare a state of emergency and issue appropriate decrees.  A decree may not involve the expenditure of unappropriated public funds unless approved by the Legislature.
          (b)     A declaration of emergency may not impair the power of the judiciary except that the declaration shall be free from judicial interference for 15 days after it is first issued.  A declaration of emergency may impair civil rights to the extent actually required for the preservation of peace, health, or safety.
          (c)     Within 15 days after the declaration of emergency, the Legislature shall convene at the call of the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the President of the Senate or at the call of the Governor to consider revocation, amendment, or extension of the declaration.  Unless it expires by its own terms or is revoked or extended, a declaration of emergency is effective for 15 days.