DRAFT CSC, Title 10. Boards and Commission
Commission on Youth

1301.  Purpose.
1302.  Commission on Youth.
1303.  Responsibilities of the Commission.
1304.  Reporting.
1305.  Appropriation authorization.

      1301.  Purpose.
     The Truk District Chuuk State Legislature finds that in recent years the social adjustment problems of youth have become increasingly complex and require special effort on the part of the District State Government and community leaders to deal effectively with such problems.  Many families need help in controlling the behavior of youth in the changing social life of Truk Chuuk, particularly in the district center Weno and nearby areas.  Problems of alcohol abuse and juvenile violence can be dealt with effectively only through a community wide effort of representatives from all segments of the community working and planning together on how best to help prevent serious social problems among our youth.

Source:  TDL 25-34, 1(121), modified.

      1302.  Commission on Youth.
     There is hereby created the Truk Chuuk Commission on Youth (hereinafter referred to as the "Commission") to be composed of not less than 12 members, representing Community Development, Education, Health Services, Employment, Law Enforcement and the Court, Youth and Parents.  Additional members may be appointed not to exceed a total of 15.  Members shall be appointed by the District Administrator Governor subject to the advice and consent of the Truk District Chuuk State Legislature.  Members who are government employees shall serve without compensation.  Members shall be appointed for three year terms.  Any member of the Commission may be removed by the District Administrator Governor.  The Community Development Officer or his designee shall serve as interim Chairman of the Commission until a permanent chairman is chosen at the first organizational meeting.  The Commission shall determine its own procedures for carrying out the purposes of this act Chapter.

Source:  TDL 25-34, 1(122), modified.

      1303.  Responsibilities of the Commission.
The Commission shall:

     (1)  Establish an executive agency of the Commission to be called the Truk Chuuk Youth Services Bureau for providing a comprehensive program of youth services aimed at helping young people grow socially and to prevent juvenile delinquency;

     (2)  Determine the general goals and operating policies of the Youth Services Bureau;

     (3)  Serve as a representative of youth in legislative assemblies and public education programs;

     (4)  Work with established youth related agencies such as recreation groups, religious groups or scout organizations to help coordinate and assist where possible;

     (5)  Develop and sponsor needed social legislation to more effectively achieve the purposes of this act Chapter;

     (6)  Work with schools, police, religious missions, civic groups, traditional leaders, municipal governments, and local businesses to determine the nature of youth community problems and reach agreement on ways to cooperatively deal with such problems; and

     (7)  Seek whatever resources are available and needed to carry out the purposes of this act Chapter, including but not limited to grants, contributions or appropriations from any legitimate source.

Source:  TDL 25-34, 1(123).

      1304.  Reporting.
     The Commission shall prepare an annual report on its activities and those of the District State Government youth services program which are aimed at carrying out the purposes of this act Chapter.  Each report shall be submitted concurrently to the District Administrator Governor and the Truk District Chuuk State Legislature not later than 90 ninety days following the close of each fiscal year.

Source:  TDL 25-34, 1(124), modified.

      1305.  Appropriation and authorization.
     There is hereby authorized an annual appropriation out of the General Fund of the Truk District Legislature Chuuk State of such sum as the Legislature deems necessary to carry out the purposes of this act Chapter.

Source:  TDL 25-34, 1(125), modified.