DRAFT CSC, Title 7. Municipal Affairs
Restrictions on Municipal Funds

1551.  Purpose.
1552.  Ceilings and authorization.
1553.  Restrictions on appropriations.
1554.  Municipal fiscal manager.

      1551.  Purpose.
     The purpose of this act Chapter is to apportion the amount of available public funds in the General Fund of the Truk Legislature Chuuk State among the several municipalities in the thirteen election districts established in the Charter Constitution of the State of Chuuk.  It is intended to provide assurances that public funds will be distributed throughout the State to benefit the residents.  To accomplish this purpose, this Legislature finds that there must be ceilings on the total amount of public funds that are made available to municipalities in each of the thirteen election districts.  The ceilings shall represent the percentages of the apportionment of the total moneys left in the General Fund each fiscal year, and allocated to each district after appropriation bills covering operating expenses of the Legislature and its programs, and bills recommended by the Governor for immediate passage are passed on final readings.

Source:  TSL 3-6, 1, modified.

      1552.  Ceilings and authorization.
     Municipalities in each of the 13 thirteen election districts are authorized to receive moneys from the General Fund of the Truk Legislature Chuuk State in accordance with but not in excess of the scheduled ceilings given below:

Election Districts     Ceilings
(1)    First                     18.5%
(2)    Second                 7  8%
(3)    Third                        11%
(4)    Fourth                    7  8%
(5)    Fifth                       7  8%
(6)    Sixth                         11%
(7)    Seventh                 7  8%
(8)    Eighth                     7  8%
(9)    Ninth                       7  8%
(10)  Tenth                      7  8%
(11)  Eleventh               3.5 8%
(12)  Twelfth                  3.5 8%
(13)  Thirteenth             3.5 8%

Source:  TSL 3-6, 3, as amended by ????.

      1553.  Restrictions on appropriations.
     No appropriation bill introduced in pursuance of this Act Chapter may be passed by the Legislature until after appropriation bills covering the operating expenses of the Truk Chuuk Legislature and its programs, and bills recommended by the Governor for immediate passage on final readings.  All appropriations in excess of authorized ceilings shall be void.

Source:  TSL 3-6, 3.

      1554.  Municipal fiscal manager.
     There is hereby established a position of Municipal Fiscal Manager within the Department of Public Affairs in the State of Chuuk.  The purpose of such a position is to supervise and oversee the utilization of funds by the municipal governments.  The person hired for the staff position of Municipal Fiscal Manager shall be knowledgeable in municipal and district state government operations, and shall be capable of instructing municipal officials in proper methods of fiscal management and accounting.  The selection of the person to fill the staff position shall be subject to the advice and consent of the Legislature or an appropriate committee thereof.

Source:  TDL 26-19, 1 (part), modified.