DRAFT CSC, Title 5. The Judiciary
Conciliation Proceedings

1551.  Conciliation jurisdiction.

      1551.  Conciliation jurisdiction.

     (1)  District and community Municipal courts and the Chuuk State Supreme Court trial division may, at the request of a party to any civil controversy (other than annulment, divorce and adoption), endeavor to effect an amicable settlement of the controversy, and to that end, may invite the other party or parties to the controversy to appear before the judge for an informal hearing.

     (2)  Such a request shall be made in the municipal district or community court within whose territorial jurisdiction the other party or the largest number of the other parties live or have their usual places of business or employment or the Chuuk State Supreme Court.

     (3)  If an agreement in settlement of the controversy is reached, the judge shall reduce it to writing and his report of the settlement agreement, when signed by the parties, shall have the force and effect of a judgement even though the subject matter of the controversy may be beyond the jurisdiction of the court for purposes other than conciliation.

          Source:  (Code 1966, 164; Code 1970,tit. 9, 51.) 9 TTC 2 51, modified.