DRAFT CSC, Title 1. General Provision
State Funerals

1151.  State funerals.
1152.  Public figures.
1153.  Observance.

      1151.  State funerals.
     Public figures shall be honored by a public observance of their death.

Source:  TSL 2-2, 1 (100).

Editor's note:  TSL 2-2 that created this Chapter was signed into law by the Governor on May 24, 1979.

      1152.  Public figures.
     "Public figures" shall be those persons who hold or who held the office of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, members of the State Legislature, State Judges and Justices, and those who have made substantial contributions to the people of Truk Chuuk or the Federated States of Micronesia as  determined by the Governor or Acting Governor.

Source:  TSL 2-2, 1 (101), modified.

      1153.  Observance.
     The Governor or Acting Governor may proclaim public observance of the death of public figures which may include:

     (a) (1)  flying flags at half mast;

     (b) (2)  issuing a proclamation;

     (c) (3)  releasing public employees from work;

     (d) (4)  closing schools and other public offices; and

     (e) (5)  other appropriate actions to show respect.

Source:  TSL 2-2, 1 (102), Subsections redesignated with numbers in accordance with the standard  formatting used throughout this code.