Table of Contents

Statement of Purpose and Policy
      Rule 1.  Establishment of State Bar      
     Rule 2.  Authority of State Court
     Rule 3.  Membership Required      
     Rule 4.  Admission of Members of Trust Territory and Supreme Court of the Federated States Bars
                Rule 4(a)   High Court or F.S.M. Supreme Court License           
                Rule 4(b)   Application and Fee                               
                Rule 4(c)   Scope of Practice                               
     Rule 5.  Qualifications and, Applications for Admission                
               Rule 5(a)   Qualifications                                    
               Rule 5(b)   Application                                    
               Rule 5(c)   Fee                                         
               Rule 5(d)   Effective Date                               
     Rule 6.  Admission Without Law School Diploma                
     Rule 7.  Admission Without Examination - Public Service      
               Rule 7(a)   Persons Excused                               
               Rule 7(b)   Required License                               
      Rule 8.  Admission W/out Examination Attorneys from Another
               Rule 8(a)   Required License
               Rule 8(b)   Required Experience
               Rule 8(c)   Reciprocity
       Rule 9.  Admission Without Examination - Citizens of the State
of Yap
     Rule 10.  Bar Examining Committee
               Rule 10(a)   General Examination and Frequency               
               Rule 10(b)   State Bar Examining Committee                     
               Rule 10(c)    Investigation and Costs
     Rule 11.  Admissions Pro Hac Vice
                Rule 11(a)   Appearance Permitted                          
                Rule 11(b)   Duration                                    
                Rule 11(c)   Association Required
      Rule 12.  Oath
               Rule 12(a)   Content of Oath                               
               Rule 12(b)   Enrollment                                    
               Rule 12(c)   Pro Hac Vice Admissions
      Rule 13.  Code of Professional Responsibility
               Rule 13(a)   Observance Required                          
               Rule 13(b)   Discipline or Disbarment
      Rule 14.  Scope of Applicability - Municipal Courts Excepted
     Rule 15.  Title
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