Article XI

     Section 1.  The first election district shall be Yap Islands Proper and shall have six members.

     Section 2.  The second election district shall be Ulithi Atoll, Fais Island, Sorol Atoll and Ngulu Atoll and shall have one member.

     Section 3.  The third election district shall be Woleai Atoll and shall have one member.

     Section 4.  The fourth election district shall be Eauripik Atoll, Faraulep Atoll and Ifaluk Atoll and shall have one member.

     Section 5.  The fifth election district shall be Satawal Island, Lamotrek Atoll and Elato Atoll and shall have one member.

     Section 6.  At least every 10 years the Legislature shall reapportion itself into election districts.  Each district shall be approximately equal in population per member after giving due regard to the social and geographical configuration of the State.
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