Table of Contents
Rule 1.  Scope.
Rule 2.  Purpose and Construction.

Rule 3.  The Complaint.
Rule 4.  Arrest Warrant or Summons upon Complaint.
     Rule 4(a)  Issuance
     Rule 4(b)  Probable Cause
     Rule 4(c)  Form
                      (1)  Warrant
                      (2)  Summons
     Rule 4(d)  Execution or Service; and Return
                      (1)  By Whom
                      (2)  Territorial Limits
                      (3)  Manner
                      (4)  Return
Rule 5.  Initial Appearance.
     Rule 5(a)  In General
     Rule 5(b)  Vacant
     Rule 5(c)  Notification of Rights
     Rule 5(d)  Initial Appearance Before a State Judicial Officer
Rule 5.1.  Vacant

Rule 6.  Vacant.
Rule 7.  The Information.
     Rule 7(a)  Use
     Rule 7(b)  Vacant
     Rule 7(c)  Nature and Contents
                     (1)  In General
                     (2)  Vacant
                     (3)  Harmless Error
     Rule 7(d)  Surplusage
     Rule 7(e)  Amendment
     Rule 7(f)  Bill of Particular
Rule 8.  Joinder of Offenses and of Defendants.
     Rule 8(a)  Joinder of Offense
     Rule 8(b)  Joinder of Defendants
Rule 9.  Warrant or Summons Upon Information.
     Rule 9(a)  Issuance
                     (1)  Warrant
                     (2)  Summons
     Rule 9(b)  Execution of Service; and Return
                     (1)  Execution or Service
                     (2)  Return

Rule 10.  Arraignment
Rule 11.  Pleas.
     Rule 11(a)  Alternatives
     Rule 11(b)  Nolo Contendere
     Rule 11(c)  Advice to Defendant (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), and (6)
     Rule 11(d)  Insuring That the Plea is Voluntary
     Rule 11(e)  Plea Agreement Procedure
                         (1)  In General (A), (B), and (C)
                         (2)  Notice of Such Agreement
                         (3)  Acceptance of a Plea Agreement
                         (4)  Rejection of a Plea Agreement
                         (5)  Time of Plea Agreement Procedure
                         (6)  Inadmissibility of Pleas, Plea Discussions and Related
                                Statements (A), (B), (C), and (D)
     Rule 11(f)  Determining Accuracy of Plea
     Rule 11(g)  Record of Proceedings
Rule 12.  Motions before Trial; Defense and Objections.
     Rule 12(a)  Pleadings and Motions
     Rule 12(b)  Pretrial Motions (1), (2), (3), (4), and (5)
     Rule 12(c)  Motion Date
     Rule 12(d)  Notice by the Government of the Intention to use Evidence
     Rule 12(e)  Ruling of Motion
     Rule 12(f)   Effect of Failure to Raise Defense or Objections
     Rule 12(g)  Records
     Rule 12(h)  Effects of Determination
Rule 12.1.  Vacant.
Rule 13.  Trial Together of Informations.
Rule 14.  Relief from Prejudicial Joinder.
Rule 15.  Depositions.
     Rule 12(a)  When Taken
     Rule 12(b)  Notice of Taking
     Rule 12(c)  Payment of Expense
     Rule 12(d)  How Taken
     Rule 12(e)  Use
     Rule 12(f)   Objections to Deposition Testimony
     Rule 12(g)  Deposition by Agreement Not Precluded
Rule 16.  Discovery and Inspection.
     Rule 12(a)  Disclosure of Evidence by the Government
                        (1)  Information Subject to Disclosure
                             (A)  Statement of Defendant
                             (B)  Defendant. s Prior Record
                             (C)  Documents and Tangible Objects
                             (D)  Report or Examination and Tests
                             (E)  Prosecution Witness
                             (F)  Material Favorable to Defendant
                        (2)  Information Not Subject to Disclosure
     Rule 12(b)  Disclosure of Evidence By the Defendant
                        (1)  Disclosure of Evidence By the Defendant
                             (A)  Documents and Tangible Objects
                             (B)  Reports of Examination and Tests
                             (C)  Defense Witnesses
                        (2)  Information Not Subject to Disclosure
      Rule 12(c)  Continuing Duty to Disclosure
      Rule 12(d)  Regulation of Discovery
                        (1)  Regulation of Discovery
                        (2)  Failure to Comply With a Request
     Rule 12(e)  Vacant
Rule 17.  Subpoena.
     Rule 17(a)  For Attendance of Witnesses; Form; Issuance
     Rule 17(b)  Defendants Unable to Pay
     Rule 17(c)  For Production of Documentary Evidence and of Objects
     Rule 17(d)  Service
     Rule 17(e)  Place of Subpoena
     Rule 17(f)   For Taking Deposition; Place of Examination
                       (1)  Issuance
                       (2)  Place
     Rule 17(g)  Contempt
     Rule 17(h)  Information
Rule 17.1.  Pretrial Conference.

Rule 18.  Place of Prosecution and Trial.
Rule 19.  Vacant.
Rule 20. Vacant.
Rule 21. Vacant.
Rule 22. Vacant.

Rule 23.  Findings By The Court Upon Trial.
Rule 24.  Vacant.
Rule 25.  Justice, Disability After Finding of Guilt.
Rule 26.  Taking of Testimony.
Rule 26.1. Vacant.
Rule 26.2.  Production of Statements of Witnesses.
     Rule 26.2(a)  Motion for Production
     Rule 26.2(b)  Production of Entire Statement
     Rule 26.2(c)  Production of Excised Statement
     Rule 26.2(d)  Recess for Examination of Statement
     Rule 26.2(e)  Sanction for Failure to Produce Statement
     Rule 26.2(f)   Definition (1) and (2)
Rule 27.  Proof of Official Record.
Rule 28.  Interpreters.
Rule 29.  Motion For Judgment of Acquittal.
     Rule 29(a)  Motion Before Parties Rest
     Rule 29(b)  Vacant
     Rule 29(c)  Motion After Finding of Guilt
Rule 29.1.  Closing Argument.
Rule 30.  Vacant.
Rule 31.  Finding.
     Rule 31(a)  Return
     Rule 31(b)  Vacant.
     Rule 31(c)  Conviction of Lesser Offense
     Rule 31(d)  Vacant.
     Rule 31(e)  Vacant.
Rule 32.  Sentence and Judgment.
     Rule 32(a)  Sentence
                       (1)  Imposing of Sentence
                       (2)  Notification of Right to Appeal
     Rule 32(b)  Appeal
                      (1)  Judgement
                      (2)  Vacant
     Rule 32(c)  Presentence Investigation
                      (1)  When Made
                      (2)  Report
                      (3)  Disclosure (A), (B), (C), (D), and (E)
     Rule 32(d)  Withdrawal of Plea of Guilty
     Rule 32(e)  Vacant
Rule 32.1.  Revocation of Modification of Probation
     Rule 32.1(a)  Revocation of Probation
                           (1)  Preliminary Hearing (A), (B), (C), and (D)
                           (2)  Revocation Hearing (A), (B), (C), (D), and (E)
     Rule 32.1(b)  Modification of Probation
Rule 33.  New Trial.
Rule 34.  Arrest of Judgment.
Rule 35.  Correction or Reduction of Sentence.
     Rule 35(a)  Correction of Sentence
     Rule 35(b)  Reduction of Sentence
Rule 36.  Clerical Mistakes.

Rule 37.  Vacant.
Rule 38.  Stay of Execution, and Relief Pending Review.
     Rule 38(a)  Stay of Execution
                        (1)  Vacant
                        (2)  Imprisonment
                        (3)  Fine
                        (4)  Probation
Rule 39.  Vacant.

Rule 40.  Commitment to Another District.
Rule 41.  Search and Seizure
      Rule 41(a)  Authority to Issue Warrant
      Rule 41 (b)  Property or Persons Which May be Seized With a Warrant
      Rule 41 (c)  Issuance and Contents
                        (1)  Warrant Upon Affidavit
                        (2)  Vacant
      Rule 41(d)   Execution and Returns With Inventory
      Rule 41 (e)  Motions for Return of Property
      Rule 41 (f)   Motion to Suppress
      Rule 41 (g)  Return of Paper to Clerk
      Rule 41 (h)  Definition
Rule 42.  Criminal Contempt.
     Rule 42(a)  Summary Dispositions
     Rule 42(b)  Disposition Upon Notice and Hearing

Rule 43.  Presence of the Defendant
     Rule 43(a)  Presence Required
     Rule 43(b)  Continued Presence Not Required
     Rule 43(c)  Presence Not Required
                      (1) and (2)
                      (3) and (4)
Rule 44.  Right to and Assignment of Counsel.
     Rule 44(a)  Right to Assigned Counsel
     Rule 44(b)  Vacant
     Rule 44(c)  Joint Representation
Rule 45.  Time.
     Rule 45(a)  Computation
     Rule 45(b)  Enlargement
     Rule 45(c)  Vacant
     Rule 45(d)  For Motions
     Rule 45(e)  Additional Time After Service by Mail
Rule 46.  Release from Custody.
     Rule 46(a)  Release Prior to Trial
                       (1) (A)-(E)
                       (2) and (3)
                       (4), (5), (6), and (7)
     Rule 46(b)  Release During Trial
     Rule 46(c)  Pending Sentence and Notice of Appeal
     Rule 46(d)  Justification of Sureties
     Rule 46(e)  Forfeiture
                       (1)  Declaration
                       (2)  Setting Aside
                       (3)  Enforcement
                       (4)  Remission
     Rule 46(f)   Exoneration
     Rule 46(g)  Supervision of Detention Pending Trial
Rule 47.  Motions.
Rule 48.  Dismissal.
     Rule 48(a)  By Attorney or Government
     Rule 48(b)  By Court
Rule 49.  Service and Filing of Papers.
     Rule 49(a)  Service: When Required
     Rule 49(b)  Service: How Made
     Rule 49(c)  Notice of Orders
     Rule 49(d)  Filing
Rule 50.  Vacant.
Rule 51.  Exceptions Unnecessary.
Rule 52.  Harmless Error and Plain Error.
     Rule 52(a)  Harmless Error
     Rule 52(b)  Plain Error
Rule 53.  Vacant.
Rule 54.  Application and Execution.
     Rule 54(a)  Courts
     Rule 54(b)  Vacant
     Rule 54(c)  Application of Terms
Rule 55.  Records.
Rule 56.  Courts and Clerks.
Rule 57.  Rules of Court.
     Rule 57(a)  Vacant
     Rule 57(b)  Procedure Not Otherwise Specified
Rule 58.  Forms.
Rule 59.  Effective Date.
Rule 60.  Title.