Table Of Contents

Rule 1.  Applicability of Rules
Rule 2.  Notice of Appeal - Contents
Rule 3.  Notice of Appeal - Time and Place of Filing
     Rule 3(a)  Time
     Rule 3(b)  Place      
Rule 4.  Service      
Rule 5.  Computation and Enlargement of Time
     Rule 5(a)  Computation
     Rule 5(b)  Enlargement    
Rule 6.  Motions
Rule 7.  Stay of Judgement
     Rule 7(a)  Stay of Judgement Pending Appeal
     Rule 7(b)  Limitation on Stay on Judgement
     Rule 7(c)  No Security Required of the Ponape State or an Agency or Officer
Rule 8.  Supervision of Appeals
Rule 9.  Amicus Curiae
Rule 10.  Substitution of Parties    
Rule 11.  Consolidation
Rule 12.  Questions Open on Appeals in Trial Division of the State of Court
Rule 13.  Appeals from Inferior State Courts and the Ponape Land Commission, or Its Successor in Law to the Trial Division of the State Court
     Rule 13(a)  Record
     Rule 13(b)  Correction of the Record
     Rule 13(c)  Motions to Hear Evidence
     Rule 13(d)  Discretion of Trial Division
Rule 14.  Appeal from the Trial Division to the Appellate Division of the State Court
     Rule 14(a)  Ordering and Payment for Transcript
     Rule 14(b)  Preparation of Record
     Rule 14(c)  Notification
     Rule 14(d)  Correction of Record
Rule 15.  Preparation of Briefs
     Rule 15(a)  Form and Content
     Rule 15(b)  Trial Counselor's Brief
     Rule 15(c)  Non-Lawyers
     Rule 15(d)  Language
     Rule 15(e)  Signing
Rule 16.  Filing of Briefs
     Rule 16(a)  Place of Filing
     Rule 16(b)  Time of Filing
Rule 17.  Oral Argument
     Rule 17(a)  Submission Without Argument
     Rule 17(b)  Time and Place
     Rule 17(c)  Order of Argument
     Rule 17(d)  Length of Argument
Rule 18.  Failure to Comply with Rules
     Rule 18(a)  By Appellant
     Rule 18(b)  By Respondent
Rule 19.  Discretion of Appellate Court