VOL. 3
[3 PN.L.R. 414]



Pohnpei Civil Action No. 20-89

Trial Division of the Pohnpei Supreme Court

March 23, 1989

     Petition for probate of the estate of an intestate. The Trial Division of the Pohnpei Supreme Court, EDWEL H. SANTOS, Chief Justice, granting the petition, held that the petitioner and his older brother, the only surviving children of the deceased, should inherit the real property of the deceased as common owners pursuant to the Pohnpei Intestate Succesion Act of 1977, and Social Security payments due the deceased devolved upon such children.

Intestacy - Intestate Succession
Where an intestate is survived by his children, his brothers and a sister, the decedent's real property is inherited by his children

[3 PN.L.R. 415]

as common owners pursuant to the Pohnpei Intestate Succession Act of 1977, and any Social Security payments due the decedent devolves upon such children.

Counsel for Petitioner:      Micronesian Legal  Services Corporation
                                            Kolonia, Pohnpei 96941

EDWEL H. SANTOS, Chief Justice
     The petitioner applied to this Court to probate the estate of his deceased father who died intestate on June 24, 1988. The petitioner states in his petition and the Court finds that the decedent's assets sought to be probated includes the following:

     a.    Parcel of land situated at Diadi, Kitti, designated  as Tract No. 74152; and

     b.    Social Security payment, Check No. 5308 in the  amount of $141.43.

The decedent was survived by two sons, namely:
a.   Kinsiano Paul, and

b.   Kancyano Paul, the petitioner, and two  brothers and a sister, namely:

c.   Roman Paul,

d.   Mikeias Paul, and

[3 PN.L.R. 416]

e.   Kandalaria Paul, sister.

     Following the required notice issued by the Court no contest nor any creditor filed any claim. The Court therefore is satisfied with the facts presented, and it is ORDERED that:

     1.   The real property described as Tract Number 74152 is hereby probated as part of the assets of the estate of Apidias Paul, deceased, that the said real property is inherited by the petitioner Kancyano Paul and his older brother Kinsiano Paul as common owners pursuant to the Pohnpei Intestate Succession Act of 1977.

     2.   The petitioner is authorized to receive and the Social Security Office is ordered to transfer the check previously made payable to the decedent, Check Number 5308, including such other social security payments, if any, remaining and due the decedent, to the petitioner who shall distribute same to and for the benefit of the petitioner and his older brother.

So Ordered, March 23, 1989.
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