VOL. 1
[1 P. S. Ct. R 15]


Ponape Civil Action No. 52-84

Ponape State Court

June 19, 1984

     Joint petition by spouses seeking dissolution of marriage. The parties were married on or about March 9,1983, and the relationship between the parties as man and wife had since April 15,1983, began to deteriorate rendering it impossible for the parties to cohabit. There was no child born to the marriage. The Ponape State Court, YOSTER CARL, Associate Justice, held that they were entitled to a decree of divorce.

Domestic Relations - Divorce
Where parties married on or about March 9, 1983, and the relationship between them as man and wife began to deteriorate causing cohabitation as such impossible until April 19,1984, when they filed a joint petition for divorce and there was no child of the marriage, they were entitled to a decree of divorce.

YOSTER CARL, Associate Justice
     A joint petition by Salome Poll and Apolong Jim was filed in this Court on the 19th day of April, 1984, seeking for a Court decree to dissolve their marriage in accordance with the law.

     The following are the findings of fact of this instant case based on the testimonies of both parties:

1. Both parties are citizens of Ponape State residing on Ponape Island.

[1 P. S. Ct. R 16]

2. On or about March 9,1983, their marriage was solemnized in the Baptist Church in Kolonia, State of Ponape, by Pastor Rick Vera Cruz.

3. On April 15, 1983, the relationship between the parties as man and wife commenced to deteriorate causing cohabitation impossible until the present time.
4. There being no child born to this marriage during that period.

5. No assets are involved in this case to require a division  between the parties. Based on the evidence adduced, the said petition is hereby granted and a DECREE OF DIVORCE is now entered as requested. Each party to bear his own costs.
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