Cite as Tilfas, et.al. v. Nena, Kosrae St. (1997)

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FUMIE P. TILFAS, et. al.





     Having reviewed the Settlement Agreement and the accompanying Joint Motion for an Order Directing the Kosrae State Land Commission to mark New Common Boundary; to void Existing Determinations of Ownership; and to Issue New Determinations of Ownership, the record in this matter, and finding good cause to grant the joint motion and approve the Settlement Agreement, and the authority vested in the Court to modify issuance of land documents, pursuant to KC 11.616, It is hereby ordered that:

     1. The Kosrae State Land Commission voids the existing common boundary between land parcel numbers 019U10 and 019U07.

     2. The Kosrae State Land Commission marks the new common boundary jointly designated by the parties which runs from the breadfruit (mosunwa) tree situated several feet west of the existing corner monument highlighted in yellow to the corner monument highlighted in red in the map marked and attached hereto as Exhibit "B". The breadfruit (mosunwa) tree is situated in

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parcel number 019U07, and, Defendant's family cemetary and the tangerine tree directly above it are part of parcel 019U10.

     3. The Kosrae State Land Commission issues new Determinations of Ownership concerning parcel numbers 019U10 and 019U07 upon the marking of the new common boundary between the same land parcels.

     4. The Kosrae State Land Commission issues Determination of Ownership concerning 037U10 to Defendant Yoster Nena.

     It is so ordered.

Date:  7 / 7 / 97                                 /s/               
                                           Lyndon Cornelius
                                           Chief Justice
                                           Kosrae State Court

Entered this 7th day of July, 1997.

                                   Chief Clerk of Court
                                   Kosrae State Court
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