We are one.  As a people, in our language, in our traditions, and in our common habitation and love of this island, we are one.

          We are rich.  In the bounty and beauty of our island and its waters, and in our family and communal life, we are rich.

          We are proud.  In our way of life which in essence has survived the assaults of colonizers and the ravages of time, and in the wisdom of our aged people and the vigor of our youth, we are proud.

          We are strong.  In our faith in our communal ability for compromise and flexible growth, and in our emerging democratic institutions, we are strong.

          We are concerned.  In our common apprehension that our traditions, our island and sea, and our communal spirit will be tested as we together forge a new island destiny, we are concerned.

          We are hopeful.  In our faith in Divine Providence, our traditions, and our institutions, and in our knowledge that the past sufferings and sacrifices of ourselves and our forebears have prepared us for our common future, we are hopeful.

          We are determined.  In our common desire to enhance the quality of life for all, while preserving what is best in our legacy, we are determined.

          To confirm our oneness, to preserve our natural riches, to renew our pride, to fortify our strengths, to meet our concerns, to guard our aspirations, and to enable our determination, WE, THE PEOPLE OF KOSRAE, give life to and establish this Constitution.