Article IX
Taxation and Revenue Sharing

     Section 1.  The power to tax is a State Government power, except that municipal governments may impose taxes subject to law.  Taxes shall be imposed uniformly.

     Section 2.  Not less than fifty percent of the revenues from State taxes shall be paid into the treasury of the municipality where collected.

     Section 3.  Religious activities of churches, non-profit activities of non-profit organizations and land within the State, and property of the State Government and municipal governments are exempt from taxation.  The Legislature shall enact a law providing for the qualification of non-profit organizations no later than January 1, 1997.
(Amended by 1995 Con. Con.)

     Section 4.  Public money received by the State Government may be apportioned among municipalities by law.  Except where the money is available to the State under terms or conditions that do not permit, apportionment among the municipalities for economic development shall be made according to the needs of municipalities as expressed in municipal government plans approved by the State Government.
(Amended by 1995 Con. Con.)

     Section 5.  At least ten percent of any money received by the State which is not designated for a specific purpose, excluding any monies received pursuant to the Compact of Free Association, shall be apportioned among the municipalities.
(Added by 1995 Con. Con.)